Let’s pretend

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I’ve been having so much fun playing with Anya these days. She’s doing some really neat stuff. Like many babies her age, imitation is a big thing for her, and I get a kick out of seeing her pick up her comb and bring it to her hair a few times before trying to eat it. She also loves to brush her teeth all by herself and then rinse her toothbrush in the sink. Neither the combing nor the toothbrushing is particularly effective, but she enjoys doing things she sees us do.

Her capacity to imitate words is a lot of fun, too. I never know what she’s going to repeat. Sometimes I call our dog Charlie “Bubba,” and last week after saying something to him I heard a little “Bubba” echo from the playroom. Now she says it all the time. It’s even more exciting when she’s able to understand what the words mean. We’re always telling her “gentle” – gentle to Charlie, gentle to Mommy, gentle to her friends…she started repeating it awhile ago, and now she’ll do things like lightly stroke her Elmo doll or my leg and say “Gentle!” (She also chases Charlie around the family room screaming “Gentle” while trying to grab him, so clearly we still need to work on that one!). She’s done the same thing with “tickle” – she’ll say it while sort of tickling herself on her tummy or feet, like I do to her.

(This is a little off-topic for this post, but while we’re on the subject of words, Anya’s started to use a couple of two-word phrases. She says “More, please” and “Hi/Bye-bye Daddy” on a pretty regular basis. I think I heard her say “Bye-bye Elmo” today, too. Occasionally she’ll combine two signs or a sign with a word as well.)

Although I realize I’m blinded by mommy love, I’m still amazed when I watch Anya pretend play. I think I mentioned in an earlier post that she loves to pretend to talk on the phone. She’ll say “Hello! Bye-bye!” over and over again, and she doesn’t even need a real phone. Sometimes she’ll pick up a remote or even a toy shaped like a phone (such as this barbell shaped rattle she has) and do the same thing. Okay, I know it’s likely that she doesn’t quite get what a phone is yet, BUT several times when she’s seen a real phone but doesn’t have anything to pick up, she’ll put just her hand to her ear and say “Hello!” That’s pretty awesome. “Making soup” is still another much loved pretend game for her. I got her on video last week:

I love that she initiates play. Tonight at dinner, Anya suddenly covered her eyes, babbled something that sounded like question, then spread her arms apart and shouted “Boo!” with a huge smile. Five more minutes of Peekaboo promptly ensued. She also indicates that she wants to play “Open, Shut Them” by opening and closing her hands and saying something that sort of sounds like “open.” Sometimes she’ll crawl over to me and grab my toes, then she’ll look up and wait for me to laugh (I have very ticklish feet). I think her absolute favorite pastime is looking at the pictures hanging on our wall.  Whenever we’re within sight of them she points to the wall and exclaims “Baby!” which means she wants to go over and look at them. She refers to all pictures as “baby” until she gets close enough to see who is actually in them; then she’s better at correctly identifying them. I guess that says something about the number of pictures we have of her displayed…we’re careful now to say, “Yes, that’s a picture of a baby.”

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  1. Laura McIntyre Says:

    What a smartie , i love watching them pretend play. My youngest isjust starting to get the hang of it and its adorable

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