Almost 1 year update

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Anya’s going to be one in just 4 days! We’ve been trying our best to keep the blog up-to-date with what she’s doing, but it’s hard to keep up with her. We’ve still got a lot to do to get ready for her birthday, and the rest of the week is going to be jam-packed, so in case I don’t have time to post a good update on her birthday, here’s a random list of some the various things going on with her right now:

  • Nursing her before bedtime has been as struggle because she wants to jump off my lap and play with her toys instead of settling down. This evening she nursed on the first side, popped off, looked up at me with a sweet smile, and signed and said “play” – it was the the first time she did it unprompted. It was very cute and impossible to resist.
  • One advantage of Anya being as verbal is getting to have a glimpse into what’s going on in her head. There are times when I don’t really get it, though, like last night, when in the middle of nursing she stopped, grabbed her foot, exclaimed “Toes!” and then promptly resumed nursing. What was that about?
  • Anya says “I love you” and it melts my heart. It comes out as “I luh loo.” Most of the time she’s just echoing it back to us, but if you ask her what does a mommy or a daddy say, she answers “I luh loo!” We sort of caught in on video, but not clearly. She’s also been very sweet about giving hugs (especially to her daddy) and being gentle with Charlie.
  • The number of body parts Anya can identify continues to grow. In addition to the seven I posted about already, she knows ears, hair, fingers, and mouth.
  • Anya is Elmo obsessed! She has one doll that is supposed to stay in her crib, but every morning when Lex gets her from the crib, she grabs it as he’s picking her up to take it with her. She loves to push her other doll around on her train, “feed” it with her spoon, talk to it on the phone, give it her paci, and hug and kiss it. All day long we hear “Elmo! Elmo!”  She’s no longer afraid of the Tickle Me Elmo.
  • If Anya is cranky, a surefire way to cheer her up is to take her outside. She will start chanting “Outside outside outside” once she sees the door open. She points at everything she sees. She loves trees and cars, and can say both.
  • When we say, “One, two…” and then wait expectantly, Anya says “Three!” Anya also can tell you how old she’s going to be by raising one finger in the air. She won’t do it on video, but we got a picture:

  • Anya can tell you a car says “beep beep” and a ghost says “boo.” Adding to her list of animals, she now definitely knows a dog says “woof” and a duck says “quack quack.” If you ask her what we say when the phone rings, she holds her hand up to her ear and says “Hello!” She does that pretty much any time she sees a phone or hears one ring.
  • It looks like I will be right after all – Anya is not walking yet and I highly doubt she will be by Friday. She’s been resisting standing on her own over the past few days – she sits down right away. We’re still in no hurry, since she’s already very fast and tiring to chase, especially since she recently figured out how much fun it is to climb up the stairs.
  • Putting Anya to sleep has been a real pleasure lately. You can put her down wide awake and as long as Elmo and her pacis are there, she rolls over and goes to sleep without a fuss the majority of the time. Tonight when Lex was putting her to sleep, she actually reached out for her crib to indicate she was ready to go. She’s been sleeping a little later in the morning the last few days, and has even been playing in her crib for a bit instead of immediately crying for someone to get her.
  • Some other new words: hat (and she’ll pat her head to show where it goes), paci (she calls it a baba and gets SO mad if I won’t give it to her, especially if she says please), grandpa (she says papa) and banana (maamaa or naanaa, both when she sees a real one or a picture). There are others, but I can’t keep track.
  • We’re working on getting Anya to drink whole milk, but she’s not particularly interested. She’ll drink a little if I use a straw as a dropper or if I feed her Cheerios and milk with a spoon, but when I give it to her in the cup, she says “No no no,” tosses it onto the floor, and says “Uh oh!” She also likes to drop her food over the side of her high chair and say the same. Good times.

Here’s some of what we’ve been able to get on video:

3 Responses to “Almost 1 year update”

  1. Laura McIntyre Says:

    Her speech is just amazing, what a bright girl

  2. Saina & Braiden Says:

    Lauren, you always do the best updates! I need to shape up and start recording these things more… Anya is such a smart little girl! Hearing her say “I love you” just melts my heart!

  3. Sumaya Says:

    Both Kaleem and I are big fans of Anya ! We love her dancing moves. Anya is Baby Einstein! We tune into Channel Anya for fun videos. She is so smart and its great you guys are tapping her potential. Are you using any special techniques to teach her? I keep teaching Rimaan but he pays no heed!

    Great job Lauren and Lex!

    BTW, Anya is now looking a lot like Lex.