Growing up

Filed under: baby's progress — by Lauren on November 14th, 2007 @ 12:21 am

Oy. It became apparent to me today that Anya is on her way out of babyhood.

When I got to daycare this morning, they had a surprise for me – a transition plan to move Anya up to the Infant II room by November 27. Well, it wasn’t a real surprise, since when we had initially enrolled her we had said that she’s probably move in November, but it still threw me for a loop today. The thing I am most anxious about is how she’ll adjust to the routine, since in that room all of the kids need to be on the same schedule. They have a 2 1/2 hour block set aside for naps during the time she’ll be there, and since Anya hasn’t really napped for more than a consecutive hour since BIRTH, I think that will be a challenge. I’m sure she’ll do fine after some time passes, but I don’t expect the process of getting there to be that fun.

Back to Anya growing up – I finally put her bottles away tonight, since she hasn’t touched them since she went back to nursing full-time at around 9 1/2 months old. It was nice to free up some space in the kitchen, but when I tossed the nipples into the trash, it felt a little bittersweet. Also, in the last week she’s made a HUGE amount of progress in the walking department. She can take several steps from one object to another, though after the first few gravity propels her more than anything else. She’s still pretty tentative and balance remains an issue, but it’s leaps and bounds from where she was even at the beginning of the month – and she LOVES the cheering she gets when she tries. She’s already started saying and trying to sign “walk.”

And speaking of talking…oh, the talking. Some recent gems: Open, tunnel, cracker, down, bath, and boat. She seems to be picking up between one and five new words a day, plus she’ll try to repeat almost anything you say. She doesn’t always enunciate clearly, so it can take us a little while to figure out what she’s saying.  The signing has been very useful in that regard; it helped us figure out that she was asking for music the other day.  Context can be very important, too.  She pronounces “open” sort of like “opie” but we realized what she meant because she kept handing us things that were closed or pulling on doors when she said it.  Anya spends a lot of the day labeling everything she sees – “Tree!” “Car!” “Ball!” “Star!” “Flower!” “Elmo!” – but she’s also getting really good at making her wants and needs known. We’re working on “wait.”

I do have to admit that although it’s hard to come to grips with Anya growing up, there is an upside to her becoming a person.  She is just so much fun and SO playful.  She still loves to imitate everything – sounds, facial expressions, actions, you name it.  I taught her to pretend to sleep.  If I say let’s go to sleep, she’ll lay down on the floor and pretend to snore.  She tries to wink (using both eyes) and it’s very cute.  I think she’s starting to develop a real sense of humor; one of her running jokes is to say “more” the instant I turn the car off, and then giggle hysterically when I say no (she’s asking for more music and she knows that once I turn the car off it’s finished).  She’s got the hand motions to several songs down, her current favorite being “Itsy Bitsy Spider” – she even tries to sing along.  This evening I was amazed when she started pushing the nose on her Laugh and Learn Puppy until she got to the right song, and then started doing the hand motions before the words even started!  I can’t get enough.  I absolutely ADORE this kid.

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