Accomplishment of the day

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Anya drank all of the milk I poured into her sippy cup today…AND she asked for more!  Wooohoo!

Baby steps and more

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It’s been a busy couple of weeks since Anya’s first birthday – not a lot of time for blogging. Something very exciting happened yesterday – Anya took multiple steps for the first time! She did it several times, and the most we counted was five steps in a row. It’s still definitely a work in progress – she’s pretty unsteady, and she sometimes tries to take two steps in a row with the same foot. She’d certainly prefer to crawl instead of walk, so most of the time she immediately sits down instead of attempting a step or refuses to stand on her own in the first place.

Anya picks up new words every day and it’s not possible to list them all, but here are some of the recent highlights:

  • “Spoon” – Anya is obsessed with having a spoon while she’s eating and trying to feed herself from her bowl (she knows “bowl” too). It would be less annoying if more of the food ended up in her mouth instead of on her face, the high chair tray, the floor…Charlie and I have an ongoing competition to see who can get the food from the floor first, but he usually wins.
  • “All done” – Actually, she’s been saying this for awhile, but we’re not sure where she learned it, since we had always said “finished” when we were signing to her. Now she says “all done” while signing “finished.” It’s very hard for me when I’m doing something she needs (like putting cream on her diaper rash) and she starts crying and saying “all done, all done” but I have to finish what I’m doing. I’m also not a fan of when she says “all done” and then throws her food on the floor.
  • “Star” – She learned the word from one of her Elmo books and I didn’t realize she actually recognized the shape until we were reading Goodnight Moon and she started shouting “Star, star!” when we got to the second to last page. She pointed one out to me again today on one of her toys. I’ve working on the sign with her, too, but she’s got it a little confused with the sign for “more” so I need her to say it and sign it to know what she means.
  • Names – Anya’s added a whole bunch of names to her arsenal. She knows my brother, my grandmothers, and a few of her friends, and can identify some of them even just from their pictures, including her online birth club pal Daisy. Today at Gymboree, her friend Izzy came in with his mom, and when Anya saw him she made a beeline for him, shouting “Izzy Izzy Izzy!” with a giant smile on her face. She knows her own name, too, and can answer “What’s your name?” and tell you the name of the baby in the mirror/pictures on the wall. Now, in addition to Elmo, Anya also knows Ernie, Bert, and Cookie Monster, though she sometimes confuses who is who (and she’s still never seen an episode of Sesame Street).
  • “Bye-bye car?” – Anya gets that we can go in the car to go someplace that will probably be fun, and earlier this week when I came downstairs after showering an dressing she asked me “Bye-bye car?” It was pretty neat.
  • “ABC” – If you ask Anya if she wants to sing the ABC song, she responds “A, B” almost in tune. We’re working on “C.”
  • Colors – If you ask Anya what color a banana or a bus is, she’ll usually tell you “yellow.” But a lot of the time she’ll tell you Elmo, an orange, or Charlie is yellow, too. She likes to repeat “purple” and she can say “blue” and green” but I wouldn’t say she’s got them down yet though 🙂 I expect she’ll learn colors soon enough, because one of her new favorite things to do is to scribble in a coloring book with crayons. Apparently they do that at daycare with her, and she loves it! She got so mad today when I took the crayons away so we could get ready to go to Gymboree. Surprisingly, she doesn’t try to eat them, well, at least not too much.
  • New animal sounds -Adding to Anya’s zoo of animal sounds, she now can tell you that a chick says “bak bak” (with arm flapping!) and bird says “tweet tweet.” She also knows a train says “choo choo” (yes, I know trains aren’t animals, but enough with the bullet points already!).

She’s still sporting only 7 teeth – it’s been a couple of months since she’s gotten a new one. Number eight has been trying to poke through for awhile, but it’s taking a very long time. Seven is plenty when it comes to biting when nursing, though – man, does that hurt. She usually only bites when she’s finished or when she wants to go play, and I’m not sure what to do about it. I don’t give it a big reaction; I usually just pull her off, firmly say “No biting” and put her down, but it doesn’t seem to bother her since she was finished anyway. She has less opportunities to bite now, however, since we’ve been working on partially weaning her from nursing. She dropped the 11 am feeding with no issues over the course of a week, and I had planned to work on the afternoon session last week but postponed it due to her being sick (She had a stomach bug, an eye issue we think was pink eye though the doctor said it wasn’t, and as it turned out, redness and fluid in her ear. She’s still on an antibiotic, but is doing much better). Today we started working on the pm feeding, and it was rough – she cried a lot and kept signing for milk, but she was also due for a nap and cranky, so that may have been the actual issue. Hopefully it will go better tomorrow. Weaning has been very difficult for me, emotionally, but that’s a subject for a different post. She’s doing much better drinking whole milk from a cup, though she probably only gets an ounce or two a day overall.

A few other unrelated things: 1- Anya gives real kisses, smacking her lips! 2- We noticed she was imitating us rubbing hand sanitizer on our hands after diaper changes, and now if we ask her to show us how to wash our hands, she rubs her hands together. She also imitates Lex when he uses mouthwash. 3- Anya is starting to get what a shape sorter is all about and can get the circle and sometimes the square in the right whole, but most of the time she’d rather just put the shapes (or anything) into a bucket and take them out again.

We’re about to start another busy but short week – no work for me on Thursday or Friday, hooray for NJEA week! Hopefully Anya won’t have a difficult time transitioning back to daycare, since she missed it all of last week due to her stomach bug. I’m having a colonoscopy on Thursday morning (grrrrrrrr!), but Lex is taking Thursday and Friday off, and we’re hoping to have some fun family bonding time.

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