A few funny stories

Filed under: baby's progress,funny,tmi — by Lex on December 4th, 2007 @ 11:06 pm

1. Anya mispronounces the word “sock.” She does so in a way that is both profane and hilarious. Instead of the “s” sound, Anya starts the word with a hard “c” sound.

Neither her mother nor I will ever admit to finding this hilarious. Especially when Anya starts excitedly chanting the word over and over again as we finish dressing her.

2. On Sunday morning, Anya spat up. This was remarkable for two reasons: First, it almost never happens any more. Second, she did so directly into my open mouth.

And I still love her.

Parenthood is amazing.

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  1. Helly Says:


    And the mispronunciation mishap is too funny. A bit like the usual “six/sex” confusion, which Todd fell prey too himself 😉