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Here’s another very long update. I know I can get a bit wordy when it comes to writing about Anya, but hopefully when I’m 75 I’ll be able to look back at posts like this one and remember what Anya was like when she was little 🙂 If you make it to the end, thanks for reading!

Anya will be 14 months old next week. She’s sporting 9 teeth, including one molar, with 3 more starting to poke their way out. I had her at the doctor’s office this morning (she has yet another ear infection, even though we finished the antibiotics for the last one yesterday), and she weighs 22 lbs fully clothed. The doctor referred to her as a peanut – I think that’s a first for Anya! We’re still transitioning between 9-12 month and 12-18 month clothes. The pants are the biggest problem – 18 months pants are ridiculously long, but the 12 month pants are becoming capris, and they don’t fit easily over her chunky little thighs (to be fair, though, she’s down to one significant fat roll per leg). She’s still in size 3 diapers, but they’re getting a little snug, so when we finish what we have in the house, we’ll move on to size 4s.

She’s walking much more than she’s crawling now, and if I ask her to stand up and walk she will. She’ll still crawl if she’s in a hurry – or if she falls down enough. Tonight she was trying to walk from the hallway to her room, but she kept tripping on her pants (18 months, and too long), so after the fourth or fifth time she gave up and crawled the rest of the way there. It’s exciting to see her toddling around the playroom, usually with a toy or two in hand, and it’s very funny when she tries to walk around carrying something that’s the same size as she is.

I think the neatest thing that’s going on with Anya these days is that when I watch her play, I feel like I can almost see her brain growing and making new connections. She’s always experimenting and figuring out new stuff all of the time. She recently mastered her stacking rings and the nesting cups she has for the bath. Also, I noticed last week that when she “reads” books to herself, she now turns them around so that they are facing the right way. However, she has a couple of Sesame Street books with pictures of Grover doing a handstand, and when she gets to those pages she always turns the book upside down so that Grover looks like he’s standing on his feet. Speaking of books, a few days ago she was playing with a little brown stuffed bear, and she picked up the book Jamberry, which has a brown bear on the cover. She looked at the bear in her hand, said “Grrr,” then looked at the book and did the same, and then put the bear doll on top of the picture of the bear on the book!

I also really like to watch her play with her dolls. There are four that she’s particularly attached to – Elmo, Ernie, Gymbo, and her Cabbage Patch Kid – but she enjoys playing with pretty much any doll. She does some very cute things with them. Anya still loves to pretend to feed them with a spoon, but now she’ll take her sippy cup (or anything that looks like a cup) and will give them water, too. She also makes them talk – she’ll give Elmo water, holds him up and say “More” and then give him more water. She’ll take Ernie’s hands and make him wave, exclaiming “Hi!” repeatedly (I got that one on video!). I think the sweetest thing she does with dolls is imitate things I do with her. She’ll pick them up and say rock them, saying “Ahh, ahh;” pat them on the back and say “Okay” (as in “You’re okay”); give them kisses; and put them in her swing and push them while saying “Whee!” You know what? I just like watching her play in general. She loves to color (and she can name several colors, though she doesn’t really get which one is which yet), and she loves to sing songs (some new ones she’s learned are “The Wheels on the Bus” and “Row, Row You Boat”). She doesn’t say all of the words, of course – usually it’s just a phrase or two here and there, and she does some or all of the hand motions. She’s constantly coming up to me and asking me to sing certain songs, or she’ll sing them to her dolls. Check out this video of Anya playing and singing:

She can identify a lot of people in her life by name – both sets of grandparents and her two great-grandmas, all of my siblings, all of her teachers at day care (new and old), to name a few. We also discovered that she can accurately identify and name circles, stars, happy faces, AND the letters A and B (capitals only)! Some of the time she can point to the letter C if asked, but not always. She’s a little ridiculous with the stars – she can find them anywhere. We were out to dinner and she kept signing and shouting “Star! Star!” over and over, but I didn’t see one at all. Finally I noticed this tiny star on her placemat, and when I validated what she was saying at last, she was SO happy (and she stopped shouting it, thankfully).

Anya is still a little chatterbox, repeating everything, picking up new words daily, sometimes after only a few exposures. At this point, most of what she says is actual words instead of baby babble, although not all of it is intelligible unless you are using context clues or you know how she pronounces certain words. One of my favorites is “glasses” (which she calls “glockies”). She points them out everywhere, but she loves to point to mine, say “Please” (asking to touch them), and then immediately answer her own request by saying “No, no, no” while wagging her finger. What’s crazy to me is that she often says words that I didn’t even know she knew. Last night when I was getting her ready to take a bath, I told her what we were about to do (“Bat! Bat! Oh boy!” – she LOVES bath time), and she rubs her tummy and says “Clean!” I was totally shocked! She did it again tonight, too. Going back to Jamberry, she had been looking at a page in the book where the bear and the little boy are dancing in a sea of berries (not kidding about how dumb the book is, by the way), and she points to the bear, says “Jumping” and starts bouncing up and down. She clearly is listening to everything we’re saying; I think we’re going to have to be a little more careful about what we say around her – certainly the fact that two of her recent words are “burp” and “poop” support that!

Here’s a video of Anya talking and signing a bit. In the title of this one and the one above, I put December 2007, but I realized after I had uploaded them that the footage was actually from November. Oh well.

This kid has got some memory! She only sees my dad on weekends because he gets home too late from work, but one of the first things she always does when she sees him is make faces at him (an ongoing game they have). Everyday when Lex is getting dressed, she asks him “Star?” because he wore a t-shirt with a star on it once, and she loves stars (of course, now he wears that shirt a lot because it makes her so happy). Another star story: I cut up an apple for her last week and I gave her a few pieces shaped like stars. I didn’t cut up another apple for her again until Tuesday, almost a full week later, and one of the first things she does is ask me, “Star?” I didn’t even remember that I had done that!

We’ve been having a rough time with food since Anya turned one. She’s been very reluctant to try new finger foods – if she doesn’t recognize it, she often won’t feed it to herself. It’s not a taste issue, because if I can get it into her mouth, she’ll usually eat whatever it is. We’ve finally gotten her to eagerly eat eggs, fish, chicken, and broccoli after weeks of trying. She’s definitely one of those kids who needs 15-20 or more exposures to some foods before she’ll eat them. The exception is carrots. I CANNOT get her to eat finger food carrots. I’ve tried a lot of different ways of preparing them, but she will not eat them, even though she’ll eat baby food carrots (ironic, isn’t it?). Even if we mash them up and mix them into the baby food, she’ll suck the puree off the pieces and then spit them out. I can put them into grilled cheese sandwiches and she’ll eat them without a problem, but she just will not eat them on their own. Grrrr! Naps have also been less than ideal. Part of the problem is that we’re trying to get her on the schedule in her new day care class, but it really doesn’t work for her. Even when we ignore the schedule and do what’s best for Anya, she still fights naps. When I bring her into her room, she’ll start asking “Daddy? Daddy? Book? Play?” and she’ll cry if I say no. I can tell who is going to win the battle pretty early into our nap routine. At least putting her to bed at night is a breeze.

Despite being sick more than being healthy for the past two months, Anya is still a very happy baby. In fact, she’ll be the first one to tell you that. “Happy” is another word/sign she learned in the last two months. She’ll point to pictures of people smiling and tell us “Happy!” Sometimes, though, she says it when we’re playing or if someone she loves comes to see her. It’s as if she’s saying “I’m happy!” The only thing sweeter than that is “I love you” which she now says totally unprompted at appropriate times, like when video chatting with her daddy in California on business. Anya, we “luh loo” too!

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