Sickness, Fears, Sweetness, & Victory

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Sickness: It feels like Anya has been sick more than she hasn’t since her birthday. She’s had several colds, three ear infections, and most recently what might have been infant roseola (Thank you, day care). We’ve been at the pediatrician’s office a lot in the last few weeks – I’m thinking about renting space there and setting up a guest room for us. It’s too bad we’ve had to go there so often, because Anya REALLY hates it. She doesn’t mind the waiting room (at our most recent visit she had a grand old time toddling around, flirting with the other people there, and collecting all the magazines, which she called “books”), but as soon as she sees an exam room or a nurse taking out a thermometer, the screaming begins. I hope we can make it until at least January 1 without having to go back.

Fears: I wouldn’t describe Anya as a particularly adventurous kid. She’s not much of a climber and doesn’t get into too much trouble overall. That said, I wouldn’t say she’s a wimpy kid, either. She’s happy to explore as long as she knows Mommy or Daddy is nearby, and she’s pretty tough…except when it comes to vacuums. She started out being spooked by the Dustbuster months ago; we’re not sure why, other than the noise. After that things that sounded like a Dustbuster would scare her, too. Once we were at a restaurant when she suddenly started crying “All done, all done” and I realized that she was freaking out because one of the waitresses was running a blender. She has a toy vacuum that is permanently kept turned off. We try not to use the Dustbuster when she’s awake; it’s just easier that way.
     Well, we were given a Roomba vacuum as a Hannukah gift from Lex’s sister and her family this year. Today Lex decided to try it out while Anya and I were in the playroom. When she heard it, her eyes nearly popped out of her head and she jumped into my lap. I thought maybe it would be a good idea to take her to see what was making the noise so she would understand and not be afraid.
     I was wrong.
     She became hysterical, clinging to me with a strangle hold. Lex had to put it away to get her to calm down, which she did, until I tried to change her diaper and she saw it (turned off!) when we got near the changing table and she freaked out again. Lex had to take it upstairs to get her to stop crying. What’s nuts is that somehow she has associated the Roomba with the really neat wagon Lex’s parents got her for Hannukah, and now gets hysterical when she sees it, too. We had to hide it as well, which is a shame not only because she had so much fun playing with it this morning, but also because I just finished building it, and it was a pain! Sorry, Papa Ducky and Grammy, the Roomba has killed the wagon. Blame Abbi! Just kidding, and don’t worry – Anya will get over it and she’ll be happy to play with it again soon.
     The other weird fear she has is of this toy boat she got as a birthday gift from my aunt and uncle. It’s an ark with several animals that make noise if you press them, and she won’t go near it. She’ll even start to get upset if you just ask her if she wants to play with the boat. So bizarre!

Sweetness: When Anya nurses, she often interrupts herself to chat. Usually she tells me about things she sees in the room and stuff like that, but sometimes she can be SO sweet. Yesterday morning she said, “Hug,” then threw her arm around my neck and said “Oooh eee (Oooh squeeze).” This evening, she said “Mommy,” put her hand on her mouth, kissed it, and then put it on my mouth for a kiss.

Victory: After months of trying, Anya is finally eating finger food carrots! So far she’s only accepted steamed shredded carrots, but she eats them eagerly and even asks for more. When I finish the bag, I’ll try diced and crinkle cut again; hopefully she’ll eat them, too. We can finally give up carrot baby food! Now, on to green beans…

2 Responses to “Sickness, Fears, Sweetness, & Victory”

  1. Amnesty Says:

    Wow, Anya reminds me so much of Rory. You are in for some adventures, let me tell you!
    He still needs warnings before we operate things like the vacuum, blender, coffee grinder, etc. At least he doesn’t run screaming from the room anymore. He just covers his ears and sometimes hides under the table. He also had horrible fear of any sort of toy that moved on it’s own or talked…music was ok, but voices were NOT, and movement…that just sent him over the edge! He outgrew that around 2 1/2 I think.
    He’s always loved going to the doctor though. He’s weird sometimes, lol. Oh, and he started identifying letters around 14 months old too, knew all the uppercase letters by 18 months, lower case by 2, and was reading at 3. He’s 4 now and reads on a first grade level (when he wants to).

  2. Lauren Says:

    Kids are so, so bizarre! I guess I should appreciate that Anya likes toys that move and talk, especially since almost everything out there these days does at least one of those things. In the last few days she got over her wagon fear – now she’s obsessed with it (see the pictures in the post I wrote today) – and I think she’s warming up to the boat and vacuums. She played with her toy vacuum yesterday. We also visited friends, and they had to run a vacuum while we were there. At first she was concerned and jumped into my lap, but then she became intrigued. When they turned it off, she started chanting “Vacuum, vacuum, more, more more!” It actually got very annoying 🙂