Potty mouth

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Before I get into this post, here’s a link to some recent photos (click on the picture):

Maybe they won't change my diaper if I hide under this lotion and towel

So, Anya’s added some choice words to her vocabulary. Lex taught her “tushy” which she usually accompanies with a pat on her behind. I started calling her a diaper butt a long time ago, and now if you say diaper to her and wait expectantly, she responds, “Butt!” This is also generally paired with a tush pat, and then she starts repeating it over and over again. Lovely, right? “Peepee” and “poop” are two more recent additions. She likes to stand by the glass doors in the playroom and yell them at Charlie when he goes outside. It appears that she understands what they mean, though, at least a little, so it seems…

I never would have dreamed of starting to potty train Anya at her age, but it looks like we may be introducing the idea now. Amnesty (one of the moms from an online birth club I’m a member of) had posted about her plans to start with her daughter, and it got me thinking about what it will be like for Anya, although I didn’t think she was even remotely ready yet. Then yesterday while I was changing her diaper, she kept chanting, “Peepee! Peepee!” so I asked her if she wanted to go potty. Her response was “Potty!” I sat her down on the toilet, and she immediately peed. I was shocked, and then even more surprised when I asked if she was all done, she said no, and then pooped! Of course, when I asked her if she was all done after that she still said no, though she was – we really need to work on “yes” with her. Later that afternoon, we had a similar exchange and she peed on the toilet again. She was so proud of herself each time – lots of shouting hooray and clapping.

This morning was truly astonishing for me. She’s been able to say and sign “diaper” for a very long time, but she never tells me that she needs a new diaper. Anya has never been bothered by a wet or dirty diaper and would be perfectly content to sit in a diaper that needs changing all day long (Oh, the diaper rash that would cause!). Naturally, I was super surprised when she finished nursing after waking up and then turned to me and signed and said, “Diaper, diaper” unprompted. I responded, “Sure, let’s change your diaper.” That’s what we always do after she finishes nursing. However, I was absolutely bowled over when she then said, “Potty!” I excitedly rushed her to the bathroom (making a big deal the whole time) and got her on the toilet, where she promptly peed.

Don’t get me wrong – we had plenty of wet diapers today and we’re not going to be finished with them anytime soon. Though she likes sitting on the toilet and the praise she receives, she gets an equal thrill from trying to grab the toilet paper and knock it on the floor. We also had a few “false alarms” today – I think she just wanted out of her diaper. Right now we’re just going to get her used to the idea of going on the potty, and hopefully in a few months we can make a more focused attempt to potty train her. I do plan to get her a potty seat tomorrow, though she’ll still need help getting herself set up; she hasn’t quite gotten the hang of motor planning sitting down on a chair. It will be nice when Anya’s out of diapers, especially since changing her these days has been an absolute nightmare. She does not want to lie down, have her diaper taken off, be wiped, or have diaper cream applied, and she REALLY does not want to have a new diaper put on again. Tonight she figured out that she could undo her diapers herself – we’re really in for it if she learns how to take off her pants!

2 Responses to “Potty mouth”

  1. Papa Ducky Says:

    Fabulous pictures!!!! Anya is soooo pretty. There’s nothing like self-potty training, too. WOW!

  2. Saina & Braiden Says:

    Wow, that is great! Braiden is nowhere near ready… He signs diaper every once in a while, but that’s it.