Know Thyself

Filed under: baby's progress,funny — by Lauren on January 9th, 2008 @ 7:01 pm

Anya definitely has a sense of herself:

Anya was drinking her milk in her high chair today when she accidentally flicked the straw on her cup and got milk all over her face.  I said “Oops!” in what must have been a comical way, because she cracked up and then asked for more oops.  The game that followed involved me pretending to drink from her cup or drop a fork and then saying oops while she laughed hysterically.

At one point I gave her the fork and she got to drop it and say oops, which was even funnier to her than when I did it.  I took the fork back and got ready to drop it again.  As she had all of the other times, she said “More more more please please!” but this time she reached for the fork and said “Anya Anya Anya!”  She wanted to have another turn!  After that, when she wanted me to drop the fork she said “More more Mommy!” and when she wanted a turn it was “More more Anya!”

3 Responses to “Know Thyself”

  1. Papa Ducky Says:

    How nifty! We love reading about and seeing her adventures. Anya is the best entertainment!

  2. Michelle Shain Says:

    Wow! I’ve been reading your baby blog since the beginning, and I’m consistently amazed at how advanced Anya’s language skills are. How many kids her age can tell you that they want another turn? It’s really incredible. You’re so lucky!

  3. Lauren Says:

    Thank you both! We are constantly captivated and amazed by Anya, too, but we’re her parents, so I suppose that’s to be expected 🙂