15 months old!

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Anya turned 15 months old yesterday! We go to the pediatrician on Thursday for a well checkup, but I measured her myself today since I don’t expect she’ll be particularly cooperative with the doctor. I got 30 1/2 inches for her length, and 22.5 lbs fully clothed for her weight. I’m not sure the weight is accurate, but I think I did a pretty good job getting her height. She hasn’t grown too much since her birthday – only 1/2 an inch and probably about a pound and half, since she was 20 1/2 lbs then. Anya’s got 11 teeth with 5 more currently making their way through. Those bottom molars were the worst! I hope we don’t have to go through that again until she’s 25 or something like that.

She’s walking like a pro (or at least like a pro who trips over her own feet several times a day) and talking up a storm! If I had to guess, I would say she knows somewhere between 250 and 300 words, and she adds new ones on a daily basis. Sometimes she picks up new words with just a couple of exposures. She’ll also repeat just about anything said to her, so we’ve got to be careful.

Here’s a mishmosh of some of the things she’s been saying recently:

  • It snowed significantly for the first time this winter a few days ago (it didn’t end up sticking, though). Anya looked outside, pointed, and announced, “Snow!”
  • I think some of the words Anya knows are funny words for a toddler to use. For example, she gets very excited about the two space heaters we use at night (“Heater! HEATER!”), and she surprised me when I took her with me to the mailbox and she exclaimed, “Mail!” when I opened it.  These are not things that are usually involved in the day-to-day affairs of a 1 year old.
  • When Lex goes away on business, we try to video chat with him at least once a day, and Anya loves it. She misses him when he’s gone and asks for him frequently, so video chatting is a great way for her to get some time with him. During his most recent trip, I had been asking her if she knew where Daddy was and then telling her California. Well, on the third day of his trip she asked for him, and I told her he wasn’t home. I asked, “Where is Daddy?” Her answer: Computer! (She pronounces it as “puter”).
  • Speaking of where, that’s another frequently said word in our house. If I ask her where something is, she’ll repeat “Where?” and then start looking around for whatever we were talking about. What’s really funny is if it’s something she can’t find, she often responds “I no know” (I don’t know). This is accompanied by a very cute shoulder shrug.
  • Anya has said “All done” for months, but now she occasionally also says “Away” as in “Take/put that away.”
  • Anya’s love affair with transportation continues. I had her at the supermarket with me last week, and she was practically jumping out of the cart, shouting “Car! Car! OH BOY!” in the parking lot. In addition to cars and airplanes, trucks and buses have become extremely exciting for her. In the afternoons when the school buses are out and about, she’ll run over to me if she hears one and say “Bus! See? See?” (meaning she wants me to take her to see the bus). I always feel guilty if I don’t get her to the window in time.
  • I posted about this a little over a week ago – without a doubt Anya understands that her name is Anya and that she can use her name to refer to herself. We’re seeing that a lot during meals, since she usually insists on feeding herself. If she sees me coming with a bowl and a spoon, she’ll try to grab the spoon from me and will chant “Ah-nah!” until I let her feed herself. Today the little stinker got her spoon, held it out to me and said “Mommy,” then snatched it back when I reached for it and giggled, “Ah-nah!” Thankfully, she’s actually very good at using a spoon if the bowl is suctioned to the high chair tray. I gave her a bowl of applesauce thickened with baby cereal earlier this week, and 95% of it made it to her mouth. She’s getting there with her fork, too. The blunt edges on the toddler forks we use make them less than ideal for spearing food, but she’s able to make it work with pasta and bananas. She’s SO proud when she’s able to do it. She’ll cheer “Hooray!” for herself.
  • We’re seeing more and more word “combinations” from her. I put it in quotes because it doesn’t seem very fluid when she does it, so I can’t say with 100% confidence that she’s actually combing words. She’ll say things like “Eat……Charlie” when he’s at his bowl or “Mommy…airplane” when she wants me to pretend to be an airplane, but there can be a big pause between the words or she’ll repeat one or both words a few times. It’s more like she’s connecting thoughts than truly combining words, at least to me, but I’m really not sure what early phrases should sound like. She has said one pretty good combination several times, though: “More more blueberries please!” (There are always at least two mores, sometimes more). I used to prompt her word by word, but now she’ll say the whole thing if I give her an expectant look. That reminds me, I need to go get more blueberries!
  • There are several songs Anya can “sing along” to, usually with just a word here or there. Some of the songs she knows are “Hush, Little Baby”, “Row, Row Your Boat”, “Acabaca”, “Ahh Ahh Baby”, “Happy Birthday”, “Ring Around the Rosies”, “ABC”, and “Rock-a-Bye Baby”. There are others, but I can’t think of them right now. She can be kind of like a drill sergeant when she wants me to sing – she calls out one song after another, sometimes before I finish the one I was already singing. I think my favorite is “Happy Birthday” because according to Anya, it is ALWAYS her birthday. She can also supply the correct words when being read a couple of her books.

Daycare is going well. It took a few weeks, but Anya has grown to like her new classroom. She still cries a lot when we drop her off (although she didn’t on Friday, yay!), but when I pick her up she doesn’t want to leave! She doesn’t want me to leave, either; she wants me to stay and watch while she plays.

The sleep situation in our house is an ongoing roller coaster. Nap time continues to be a battle, though we’ve been trying to keep her up until 12:30 (daycare nap time), and that helps since she’s exhausted by then. This becomes really difficult when she gets up at 5:30 am, which she did almost every day that Lex was away. However, on Friday I didn’t get her from her crib until 7:45 am! She started waking up around 6:15, but would talk to herself and then fall asleep again. At one point I was watching her on the monitor. She was rubbing her frog-patterned sheet, and said “Ribbit, hi!’ She also piled up her pacis and sort of snuggled with them. I was hoping for a repeat performance, but no such luck. Yesterday she was up at 6:15 am; this morning it was 5:30, although for the first time in MONTHS she went back to sleep in our bed.

All of these things make it all too apparent that Anya is growing up, but I know she’s still got some baby left in her. The other night she fell asleep while nursing on the first side. I was able to cut all 10 of her fingernails, unzip her pjs, pull her legs out, cut all 10 of her toenails, put her feet back into her pjs, zip them back up, nurse her on the other side, and put her into her crib without waking her up. Only a baby can sleep through all of that!

3 Responses to “15 months old!”

  1. Papa Ducky Says:

    My adorable granddaughter is the smartest little girl in all of New Jersey! It is such fun reading about all of her accomplishments. WOW!

  2. Saina & Braiden Says:

    Congrats to Anya! I know I’ve said this before… but her vocabulary is amazing! What a smart girl!

  3. Sumaya Says:

    I always look forward to reading Anya’s blog. She continues to amaze and she is such a sweet doll.

    The other day, I was buying Rimaan a doodle-pro and easel, for some reason I was thinking that a child like Anya would make full use of it. 🙂 I am sure she already has these.

    Sending Anya, all the best wishes for her wealth, health and happiness! 🙂