Various moments from today

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  1. Every morning I take my temperature before getting out of bed (the TMI reason: my cycles have been very irregular since they started up again in August and it’s the only way I can know when to anticipate my period). I usually get it done while Lex is getting Anya out of her crib, before he brings her into our room to nurse. This morning I decided to take it a second time since I wasn’t sure I had gotten an accurate temperature the first time. Anya wanted to grab the thermometer, of course, and though I kept moving her hand away, she was very persistent. Finally she exclaimed, “HELPER!” and then happily held the thermometer with me until it beeped.
  2. We were looking at one of Anya’s favorite picture books this morning; the last page is all about shapes. I was very surprised when she said “Heart” and pointed to the correct picture. I had no idea she knew that shape, but she definitely does – correctly identified hearts several more times throughout the day.
  3. Lex and I were also surprised when we were playing with Anya in the playroom this afternoon and she pointed to the number 3 on her mat and said “Three!” She was able to do it again both on her mat and when we wrote threes on her Aquadoodle pad.
  4. After I got Anya dressed for bed tonight, Lex came back upstairs to say goodnight to her. They hung out in her room for a few minutes and then I went to get her so she could nurse before going to sleep. I asked her if she knew what time it was, and she excitedly responded “Boppy!” the way she always does. What made this time funny was that she was so psyched that she quickly toddled over to me and started pushing me out the door (I nurse her in my room).

Anya’s continued awesomeness: 2008 Edition

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Anya has a newfound obsession for “airplanes.” She starts chanting the word from time to time, and won’t be satisfied until we find her book with a picture of an airplane. On occasion, we hear a plane overhead and Lauren always says, “Do you hear the airplane?” This evening during dinner, an airplane flew over the house, but before either Lauren or I heard it, Anya had announced its presence. Excitedly. And repeatedly.

This morning at breakfast, I snapped a few photos of Anya as she ate. She pointed to the Nikon D70 and said, “Camera!” It’s crazy when she learns words that we haven’t actively taught her.

Post-bath and pre-bedtime, we engage in what I have come to think of as the Anya Rodeo. It involves trying to diaper and pajamify Anya while she attempts to do anything else, preferably naked, and extra preferably while risking great physical harm (attempting to dive bomb off our bed, for example).

Tonight during the Rodeo, in an attempt to get Ani calm enough for part of this process, Lauren offered her a book (the awful, awful, AWFUL “Jamberry”). That worked for several seconds, at which point Anya held up one finger on each hand and exclaimed “Two! Book! Book!” Upon being handed a second book to hold, Anya was satisfied. For at least another half-minute.

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