Anya’s discovery

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Anya recently made an interesting observation about board books. When you open certain ones all the way, the lining of the cover and the pages make a triangle! Now it’s one of the first things she looks for when she takes one off of the shelf, and oh, the glee if she finds one that forms that beloved shape: “Kwi-angle! KWI-ANGLE!”

Snow Day!

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Hooray for snow! Because of the bad weather, my district declared a snow day, so Anya and I both got to stay home from school and play. We had a really fun day! We took about a million pictures, but here are some of the highlights (click on any picture to see it enlarged):

One of the first things Anya wanted to do was dress up in a bib that’s way too big and her hooded penguin towel. I’m not sure why she wanted to do this, exactly, but it was good for at least 30 minutes of entertainment:

Penguin baby!

Then the penguin baby helped me put away the laundry:


Anya, or a penguin?

I can get it there, I know it!

After the laundry was finished, Anya wanted to play in her crib. She was actually having a good time, despite what the picture suggests:

Hey, check out that snow!

Whoa, do you see that?


After lunch and a nap, Anya got to try finger painting for the first time:

Check out my masterpiece!

So many colors, so little time

Anya thought the best part of finger painting was watching me squeeze more paint onto the plate, and she was extremely unhappy when I told her that she had enough. A massive tantrum followed the sweet pictures above, but when she eventually calmed down, she wanted to color:

Next, we were finally ready to brave the cold and play in the snow! Anya loved walking all over the backyard, throwing snowballs, playing on the slide, and building her first (mini) snowman:

(After watching this video hours after filming it, I’m not convinced that she was actually saying “white” anymore, although we had been talking about how snow is white all day long. Oh well.)

I'm up so high!

Is the snowman coming, too?

So much fun!


We came back in and warmed up again, and then, much like her online pal Braiden, Anya discovered the joy of an empty box, which her dad had left by the front door:

In or out?

It's my kid in a box!

Such a fun day calls for an equally fun dinner:

Mmmm, pizza!

Our day ended with more fingerpainting, only this time it was in the bathtub:

More colors!

Who, me?

She’s up in her crib now, sleeping soundly. Let’s hope she stays in there until at least 6 am tomorrow!

Mail Call/Neat Freak/Baby Doll

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Some cute stories and pictures from today:

1. Anya loves getting the mail! It’s been a little too cold for her to go to the mailbox with Lex, but she’s still very happy when she gets a letter (or when we give her some junk mail and tell her it’s for her):

There’s one of those devilish grins

2. This morning Anya was hanging out in the playroom while I finished making her lunch before I went to work. I was listening to her talk and sing to herself, when I heard her singing, “Kead up, kead up.” I peeked in on her and saw her putting her rubber ducks back into their bin. I realized she was singing the clean up song from Gymboree. I never would expect any child with half of my genes to clean up without being asked. Perhaps brainwashing works, after all!

3. My mom brought Anya a present today – a neat doll that she had crocheted for her! As soon as Anya saw it she exclaimed “Baby!” and then proceeded drag it with her everywhere all day. It even had to sit at the table with us while she ate:


Don’t leave home without baby!

Hungry? Here, have some blocks!

Check out more new pictures!

16 months old!

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Anya turned 16 months old today.  She still hasn’t grown very much recently, despite having an enormous appetite of late.   She weighed 21 lbs, 8 oz with a diaper when we took her to the doctor on Monday to get a rash checked.  I tried to measure her height and got about 31 inches, but she was rolling around so I’m not sure that I was accurate.

Aside from her now fading rash, Anya is doing quite well.  She’s been down to one nap for a few weeks and as of last Friday only nurses first thing in the morning.  Since we cut out the bedtime nursing session, she started drinking a lot more milk.  She loves going to “school” (day care).  When we get there she starts calling out the names of her friends and her teachers, and she’s in no rush to leave when I pick her up.

As always, Anya is talking up a storm, though she definitely gets quieter around people she doesn’t know well or in large group settings.  We’re hearing a lot more word combinations from her, often with “see” or “touch.”  One of my favorite new phrases she says is “Hear it?”  She kept asking me that when we were in the supermarket this weekend – she wanted to make sure I heard the music they were playing over the loudspeakers.

The tantrums have reached a more tolerable level, but Anya definitely has an ornery, independent streak!  When she wants to make her displeasure known, she makes this great face – pursed lips and diabolical eyes.  I’ll have to try to get it on camera.  I try to be firm, since she usually makes the face when she doesn’t want to cooperate with something I’ve asked her to do (like give up her cup of Cheerios so I can get her into the carseat), but it’s SO hard not to laugh at her!

Diamonds are a girl’s best friend

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They’re also the newest shape Anya has learned to recognize.  It was funny yesterday when Lex was playing with a deck of cards at the table while I was giving Anya a snack.  She noticed the cards, pointed, and then exclaimed, “Diamond!”  Anya liked the hearts as well, of course, and she’s pretty close to mastering ovals, too.  Too bad they’re not one of the four suits!

Planes, Poop, and Lies

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1. Last night Lauren and I went to check on sleeping Anya around midnight. We thought her room smelled a little funny, so we both poked and prodded her (Anya’s) diaper to see if we would need to do a dreaded sleepy-time change. (We didn’t.) Our poking, though, did cause Anya to adjust her position and let out a little sigh.

As we left the room, Anya suddenly, in her sleep, let out a crystal clear utterance: “Airplane.”

It was very cute, and very hilarious.

2. In response to Lauren’s post below… I’m not certain that Anya’s lying about having pooped. I think the “No” Lauren heard was pre-emptive: “No! Don’t restrain me for diaper changing right now; I want to keep playing!” That’s as opposed to the bald-faced: “Nope, I didn’t poop, Lady.”

Potty Training Update

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We’re still in the introductory phase of potty training Anya. I don’t think she’s got quite enough self-control or awareness of her body to give up diapers just yet, but she definitely understands what it’s all about. When we put her on the toilet (on her potty seat) she tenses up her stomach muscles and you can see she’s at least trying to go. She’s usually successful at least once or twice a day. She’s still very proud when she goes and shouts hooray for herself before we can. What’s funny is that she’s started cheering for me and Lex if she hears us going to the bathroom, too.

Though it sounds a little like “polly,” she will tell us “potty” when she has to go (and sometimes when she wants to get out of whatever she’s doing), but she doesn’t always give us enough warning to get her on the toilet in time. A lot of the time she just doesn’t want to stop playing and is more than content to go in her diaper. That’s especially true when she has to poop. Sometimes she’ll even say potty and then change her mind and say diaper instead. We don’t argue with her; if she’s not interested we don’t force her. I do try to take her up right after breakfast and before her bath, since she does tend to go at those times.

Her favorite part of going to the potty is flushing the toilet. She gets very excited and loves to say bye-bye to the peepee. Sometimes she shouts “Alligator!” (as in, see you later, alligator) and once she got so carried away that she yelled “Bye-bye! I love you!” It was so funny!

One major improvement I’ve seen is that now Anya almost always tells me after she’s pooped, and she never used to do that before. That doesn’t mean she wants me to change her – she still isn’t too bothered by a dirty diaper and really dislikes lying still for a diaper change. In fact, the little stinker may have told her first lies. I can be in the room with her when she’s obviously pooping. I’ll ask her and she’ll even tell me, “Poop!” Then when she’s finished I’ll ask her if she pooped and needs a new diaper, and she’ll say “Noooo” while running away with an impish grin.

The other funny thing she’s been doing is she’ll grab one of her dolls and ask, “Poop?” Then she’ll pick it up and smell its tush, and she’ll make a face as though she’s smelling a stinky diaper. Sometimes she’ll even say “stinky” or “ewwwww” and she’ll ask us to open the doll’s clothes so she can “change” its diaper.

Let it Snow!

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It’s been a fairly mild winter, but today we finally got our first real snowfall! After some pretty excited begging (“In? Anya? Snowing! Touch? In! Anya! Please? Anya! In!”), I took Anya out to play in the snow for her very first time today:

At last, Anya got to wear her snow pants!

It’s hard to walk when you’re this bundled up!

When I asked her to smile for this picture, she said “Cheese!”
I have no idea when she learned that.

Anya loved the snow…at least, she did until she fell down.

Things are good

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Things have been better at the Friedman house the last few days. Anya has been much less cantankerous, I think due to a combination of finally getting over being sick and us ignoring her tantrums this week. She’s actually been pretty sweet. Last week she was playing in her crib when she turned to me and said what sounded like “kitchen” while pointing to her lips. At first I thought she wanted to eat, but then I realized she was saying “kissing” – she wanted kisses! She asks for kisses all the time now, and she’s getting better at pronouncing the “s” sound in “kiss” and several other words.

Anya’s been describing things to us a lot lately. She’s known up, down, little, hot, and cold for some time, and she just added heavy to her list. She’s not always accurate, though. According to Anya, any food, even cheese straight from the fridge, can be hot and must be acknowledged as hot with the suggestion that she blow on it before she will eat it. She thinks this is very funny. I also like when she tries to pick up something big (like Lex’s bathrobe) or 4 or 5 toys at once and then tells me what she’s holding is heavy. She’s becoming more aware of others’ emotions and will say “Wah wah wah” while rubbing her eyes if someone is sad and “Ha ha ha funny” when people are laughing. She still tells us “Shhhh!” (when someone is sleeping) and “Happy”.

We’re hearing her repeat more phrases instead of just single words. The two that I can think of right now are “I’ll do it” and “Here you go” but there are others. She loves to mimic what we say. She’ll combine words on her own here and there, but most of the time she’s still using single words or the phrases she’s learned.

In math news, Anya can kind of count to three. She’ll say one, pause, and then say two-thweeeeeeee! It’s cute when she picks up her Cheerios one at a time and “counts” them. Also, today I discovered that she now knows squares in addition to circles, triangles, stars, and hearts. While on the subject of “academics” (ha ha), Anya started pointing at the words in her books when she “reads” to herself or her dolls and she’s starting to identify more animals by their names instead of the sounds they make – cat is the most recent addition. Thanks to a present of Wild Safari books from her Grandpa, she can identify zebras, elephants, and giraffes, even though I have no idea what sounds they make. She also learned that a bunny can hop, and now she likes to take any doll and make it jump around while chanting “Hop hop hop!” She’ll try to hop and jump, too, but her feet don’t actually leave the ground.

Somehow this post turned into a list of what Anya’s been saying – oops! – but really, things are good here. Anya’s healthy, her appetite has returned, and she is more or less back on her nap schedule. She hasn’t cried when I dropped her off at daycare in a few weeks – that only took 5 months! – and she’s been sleeping past 6 am for at least the last few days. I hope that as we approach her 16 month birthday things continue to look up for us 🙂

80+ new photos!

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I am especially pleased with this one:

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