Things are good

Filed under: baby's progress — by Lauren on February 11th, 2008 @ 12:16 am

Things have been better at the Friedman house the last few days. Anya has been much less cantankerous, I think due to a combination of finally getting over being sick and us ignoring her tantrums this week. She’s actually been pretty sweet. Last week she was playing in her crib when she turned to me and said what sounded like “kitchen” while pointing to her lips. At first I thought she wanted to eat, but then I realized she was saying “kissing” – she wanted kisses! She asks for kisses all the time now, and she’s getting better at pronouncing the “s” sound in “kiss” and several other words.

Anya’s been describing things to us a lot lately. She’s known up, down, little, hot, and cold for some time, and she just added heavy to her list. She’s not always accurate, though. According to Anya, any food, even cheese straight from the fridge, can be hot and must be acknowledged as hot with the suggestion that she blow on it before she will eat it. She thinks this is very funny. I also like when she tries to pick up something big (like Lex’s bathrobe) or 4 or 5 toys at once and then tells me what she’s holding is heavy. She’s becoming more aware of others’ emotions and will say “Wah wah wah” while rubbing her eyes if someone is sad and “Ha ha ha funny” when people are laughing. She still tells us “Shhhh!” (when someone is sleeping) and “Happy”.

We’re hearing her repeat more phrases instead of just single words. The two that I can think of right now are “I’ll do it” and “Here you go” but there are others. She loves to mimic what we say. She’ll combine words on her own here and there, but most of the time she’s still using single words or the phrases she’s learned.

In math news, Anya can kind of count to three. She’ll say one, pause, and then say two-thweeeeeeee! It’s cute when she picks up her Cheerios one at a time and “counts” them. Also, today I discovered that she now knows squares in addition to circles, triangles, stars, and hearts. While on the subject of “academics” (ha ha), Anya started pointing at the words in her books when she “reads” to herself or her dolls and she’s starting to identify more animals by their names instead of the sounds they make – cat is the most recent addition. Thanks to a present of Wild Safari books from her Grandpa, she can identify zebras, elephants, and giraffes, even though I have no idea what sounds they make. She also learned that a bunny can hop, and now she likes to take any doll and make it jump around while chanting “Hop hop hop!” She’ll try to hop and jump, too, but her feet don’t actually leave the ground.

Somehow this post turned into a list of what Anya’s been saying – oops! – but really, things are good here. Anya’s healthy, her appetite has returned, and she is more or less back on her nap schedule. She hasn’t cried when I dropped her off at daycare in a few weeks – that only took 5 months! – and she’s been sleeping past 6 am for at least the last few days. I hope that as we approach her 16 month birthday things continue to look up for us 🙂

2 Responses to “Things are good”

  1. Amnesty Says:

    Daisy told me “Kiss it!” today while shoving one of her babies in my face! I immediately thought of Anya saying “kitchen” because that is pretty much what “kiss it” sounded like too, lol.

  2. Lauren Says:

    That’s very cute! Anya thinks it’s funny if I give her dolls kisses, and she loves to give kisses to just about everything, especially to her dolls, to pictures in books, and to Charlie. She also likes to tell Lex to give Mommy a kiss, then Anya a kiss, then Mommy, Anya, Mommy…