Planes, Poop, and Lies

Filed under: baby's progress,funny,moments — by Lex on February 16th, 2008 @ 10:09 am

1. Last night Lauren and I went to check on sleeping Anya around midnight. We thought her room smelled a little funny, so we both poked and prodded her (Anya’s) diaper to see if we would need to do a dreaded sleepy-time change. (We didn’t.) Our poking, though, did cause Anya to adjust her position and let out a little sigh.

As we left the room, Anya suddenly, in her sleep, let out a crystal clear utterance: “Airplane.”

It was very cute, and very hilarious.

2. In response to Lauren’s post below… I’m not certain that Anya’s lying about having pooped. I think the “No” Lauren heard was pre-emptive: “No! Don’t restrain me for diaper changing right now; I want to keep playing!” That’s as opposed to the bald-faced: “Nope, I didn’t poop, Lady.”

3 Responses to “Planes, Poop, and Lies”

  1. Amnesty Says:

    Wow, you can poke and prod her without waking her up? Lucky! I can’t even open Daisy’s door without her waking up!
    Rory, on the other hand…You could run up and down stairs in a thunderstorm with him flung across your back and he’d never wake up. He talks in his sleep too.

  2. Lauren Says:

    Thank goodness she’s a deep sleeper – I’d never get her nails cut if she wasn’t! Anya usually sleeps through everything other than the dog barking; it’s getting her to sleep for a reasonable amount of time that’s the real challenge.

  3. Amnesty Says:

    LOL, I just pin Daisy down to cut her nails. She hates it, but she’d never sleep through that!