Potty Training Update

Filed under: baby's progress,tmi — by Lauren on February 16th, 2008 @ 12:14 am

We’re still in the introductory phase of potty training Anya. I don’t think she’s got quite enough self-control or awareness of her body to give up diapers just yet, but she definitely understands what it’s all about. When we put her on the toilet (on her potty seat) she tenses up her stomach muscles and you can see she’s at least trying to go. She’s usually successful at least once or twice a day. She’s still very proud when she goes and shouts hooray for herself before we can. What’s funny is that she’s started cheering for me and Lex if she hears us going to the bathroom, too.

Though it sounds a little like “polly,” she will tell us “potty” when she has to go (and sometimes when she wants to get out of whatever she’s doing), but she doesn’t always give us enough warning to get her on the toilet in time. A lot of the time she just doesn’t want to stop playing and is more than content to go in her diaper. That’s especially true when she has to poop. Sometimes she’ll even say potty and then change her mind and say diaper instead. We don’t argue with her; if she’s not interested we don’t force her. I do try to take her up right after breakfast and before her bath, since she does tend to go at those times.

Her favorite part of going to the potty is flushing the toilet. She gets very excited and loves to say bye-bye to the peepee. Sometimes she shouts “Alligator!” (as in, see you later, alligator) and once she got so carried away that she yelled “Bye-bye! I love you!” It was so funny!

One major improvement I’ve seen is that now Anya almost always tells me after she’s pooped, and she never used to do that before. That doesn’t mean she wants me to change her – she still isn’t too bothered by a dirty diaper and really dislikes lying still for a diaper change. In fact, the little stinker may have told her first lies. I can be in the room with her when she’s obviously pooping. I’ll ask her and she’ll even tell me, “Poop!” Then when she’s finished I’ll ask her if she pooped and needs a new diaper, and she’ll say “Noooo” while running away with an impish grin.

The other funny thing she’s been doing is she’ll grab one of her dolls and ask, “Poop?” Then she’ll pick it up and smell its tush, and she’ll make a face as though she’s smelling a stinky diaper. Sometimes she’ll even say “stinky” or “ewwwww” and she’ll ask us to open the doll’s clothes so she can “change” its diaper.

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