Mail Call/Neat Freak/Baby Doll

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Some cute stories and pictures from today:

1. Anya loves getting the mail! It’s been a little too cold for her to go to the mailbox with Lex, but she’s still very happy when she gets a letter (or when we give her some junk mail and tell her it’s for her):

There’s one of those devilish grins

2. This morning Anya was hanging out in the playroom while I finished making her lunch before I went to work. I was listening to her talk and sing to herself, when I heard her singing, “Kead up, kead up.” I peeked in on her and saw her putting her rubber ducks back into their bin. I realized she was singing the clean up song from Gymboree. I never would expect any child with half of my genes to clean up without being asked. Perhaps brainwashing works, after all!

3. My mom brought Anya a present today – a neat doll that she had crocheted for her! As soon as Anya saw it she exclaimed “Baby!” and then proceeded drag it with her everywhere all day. It even had to sit at the table with us while she ate:


Don’t leave home without baby!

Hungry? Here, have some blocks!

Check out more new pictures!

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