Snow Day!

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Hooray for snow! Because of the bad weather, my district declared a snow day, so Anya and I both got to stay home from school and play. We had a really fun day! We took about a million pictures, but here are some of the highlights (click on any picture to see it enlarged):

One of the first things Anya wanted to do was dress up in a bib that’s way too big and her hooded penguin towel. I’m not sure why she wanted to do this, exactly, but it was good for at least 30 minutes of entertainment:

Penguin baby!

Then the penguin baby helped me put away the laundry:


Anya, or a penguin?

I can get it there, I know it!

After the laundry was finished, Anya wanted to play in her crib. She was actually having a good time, despite what the picture suggests:

Hey, check out that snow!

Whoa, do you see that?


After lunch and a nap, Anya got to try finger painting for the first time:

Check out my masterpiece!

So many colors, so little time

Anya thought the best part of finger painting was watching me squeeze more paint onto the plate, and she was extremely unhappy when I told her that she had enough. A massive tantrum followed the sweet pictures above, but when she eventually calmed down, she wanted to color:

Next, we were finally ready to brave the cold and play in the snow! Anya loved walking all over the backyard, throwing snowballs, playing on the slide, and building her first (mini) snowman:

(After watching this video hours after filming it, I’m not convinced that she was actually saying “white” anymore, although we had been talking about how snow is white all day long. Oh well.)

I'm up so high!

Is the snowman coming, too?

So much fun!


We came back in and warmed up again, and then, much like her online pal Braiden, Anya discovered the joy of an empty box, which her dad had left by the front door:

In or out?

It's my kid in a box!

Such a fun day calls for an equally fun dinner:

Mmmm, pizza!

Our day ended with more fingerpainting, only this time it was in the bathtub:

More colors!

Who, me?

She’s up in her crib now, sleeping soundly. Let’s hope she stays in there until at least 6 am tomorrow!

4 Responses to “Snow Day!”

  1. ~heidi Says:

    Looks like Anya had a wonderful busy day with her Mama!!

  2. Helly Says:

    Wow, she really is getting so big! Nothing quite like being bundled up in a snowsuit, though, to look tiny again 🙂

    btw– where did you get that bib? I need one for my husband– it would be the perfect size! 😉

  3. Grammy Says:

    I love this blog. (I’ve said that before, haven’t I?)

    Now if Anya wrote “Anya” in the bathtub she’s even more brilliant than I had thought.

    I don’t miss the snow.

    Nonetheless, we are thinking about visiting you next December. Really.

  4. Papa Ducky Says:

    Those are some great pictures and videos. It is such fun to see Anya learning and doing so many things. We have some pictures of Abbi in a snowsuit when she was two and we’d just had 2-1/2 feet of snow in Wyomissing.