A dreaded four letter word

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That’s right, sweet little Anya has learned a four letter word, perhaps the one parents fear most: WANT. She’s had the sign and the word down pat for a few weeks now, but she’s using it in full force lately, and man, is she angry if she doesn’t get what she wants immediately. We don’t give in, of course, which means we hear a lot of crying and screaming, especially at mealtimes (I mean seriously, just how much cheese can a 15 1/2 month old actually eat?). Today was a very trying day for us. It looks like the terrible twos may have already arrived at our house…

All done! (I hope)

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After vomiting and explosive diarrhea in the beginning of the week, fevers and an ear infection at the end of the week, little to no appetite the whole week, and three trips to the pediatrician in four days, it looks like Anya is finally on her way to being healthy again…well, except for a cough she doesn’t seem to be quite past yet. We had a couple of scary moments, like when our least favorite doctor at our practice told me that Anya’s tears, color, wet diapers, and alertness were good signs that she wasn’t getting dehydrated even though she had constant diarrhea and wasn’t drinking, and then in the next breath said I needed to take her to the hospital for IV fluids (We didn’t – I nursed her more often instead). It was also less than ideal when she kept refusing to eat anything – even blueberries! – and didn’t pee for more than 6 hours on Friday night. When we saw our favorite doctor on Saturday morning, he discovered she had her 5th ear infection since her birthday and put her on another round of Augmentin. While we weren’t thrilled to have her on antibiotics again, the medication is definitely what got her starting to feel better again.

It wasn’t our best week ever with Anya – I’ve never seen her so miserable, not even when her bottom molars were cutting through her gums. Thankfully, though, there were a few good times. She started playing a fun game this week. She “hides” something behind her back and asks “Go?” (as in, where did it go?). Then she pulls it back out with a big grin and says “Theah-tis” (There it is!). This is a source of seemingly never-ending amusement. My favorite moment of the week occurred on Wednesday, which was the BIG diarrhea day. Having to go so often gave Anya many chances to practice telling us when she had to poop, something that has been a potty-training challenge for her. That morning she was sitting in her high chair, when she suddenly turns to me and says “Poop! Potty? Diaper. All done!” The whole thing took place in a span of about 6 seconds. It was so funny, especially since her eyes got very wide just before she said “diaper” and when she said “all done” her little arms were stretched out as far as they could go. You could practically hear her saying, “Mommy, I have to poop!!! Will you take me to the potty? Uh-oh, I went in my diaper. Oh, well, all done!”

If anyone who reads this is sick or has sick kids, I feel for you, and I hope everyone is feeling better soon. I’ve had enough of Anya being sick. I usually don’t mind the winter, but this year I can’t wait for it to be “all done!”

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