Maybe baby #2?

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Well…we took a (cheap) pregnancy test this morning, and there was a very faint but definite test line.  Hmm.  After two unsuccessful attempts, this was new.  And exciting.  AND confusing.  Are we pregnant or not?  We took another (dollar store) pregnancy test this evening, and had the same results, so it wasn’t a fluke.  Hmmmmmm.  It’s a good thing Lex bought 6 tests, because I’m taking one tomorrow, and the next day, and so on until I get a conclusive answer one way or the other!

Wouldn’t it be nice, though?


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We have begun the bittersweet process of weaning Anya completely.   Never in a million years did I think it would be so emotionally trying for me to stop nursing her, but it was time and she is ready.  She still asks for milk pretty much as soon as she wakes up, but she can be persuaded to go back to sleep if it’s early enough, and she’s perfectly content with cow’s milk in a cup instead of breastmilk.  I nursed her last night before bedtime (something I haven’t done in quite some time) as a good-bye of sorts to this particular bond we’ve shared.  Ugh.  It’s just another reminder that my little baby girl is growing up.  How has it gone so fast already?

An explosion in Houston

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No, no, don’t worry. I’m talking about a language explosion! On our trip to Houston last week to visit Lex’s sister and her family, Anya made some major advances in her speech. All of a sudden, she started smoothly combining two or more words together (as opposed to before when her combinations were usually more fragmented). She’s even said some complete sentences, such as:

  • “Read it to me.”
  • “I see baby!”
  • “Want some Mommy’s pasta, please.” (Well, that’s not quite a sentence)

It’s sometimes a little more difficult to understand her now than when she was only saying single words, mostly because she’s either slurring words together or filling in her sentences with babble. Along with talking, Anya’s been singing a lot more, and it’s getting easier to figure out what song she’s singing. She’s also been “reading” as much as ever, but is able to recite more and more of her books aloud (when she’s not animatedly reading the story in baby babble at top volume). We keep meaning to get it on video…maybe tomorrow…

Because Anya’s cousins had school this week, we had to make the most of our limited time together and somehow no one remembered to take out a camera. We did get a few pictures of Anya at the park one morning:

Click for more photos!

Also – perhaps spending time with her four older cousins inspired Anya, but Anya’s become a little daredevil. Today at Gymboree she climbed onto this big wooden rocking horse all by herself. This morning she nearly got up on our bed using Charlie’s stairs. Yesterday we stopped her from trying to scale the bookcase in the playroom. She’s still not very strong or agile, but she’s found the motivation to climb, and that’s a huge leap for her.

I think Anya knows Charlie’s morning routine.

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Many mornings, Anya and I start her breakfast together. Once she’s in the high chair and having her breakfast banana, I generally feed Charlie his breakfast. Once Charlie’s finished, he needs his insulin.

This morning, after I took out the insulin and a needle, Anya announced: “Medicine!”

I gave Charlie his injection. Anya then announced, “All done! Cookie!”

Right she is. After every shot, Charlie gets a cookie (complete with an allergy pill hidden inside).

That’s Not My Daddy!

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A couple months ago, a few of Anya’s cousins were visiting us for the day. I went out to the bookstore to pick up some gifts for the kids before they arrived. While there, of course, I was unable to resist the lure of buying a few books for Ani, too.

One of those books was That’s Not My Monster, in the series of “That’s Not My…” touchy-feely books. (When we win the lottery, we will one day own all of them. Even if we no longer have small children. Lauren finds the books very compelling.)

The book has lots of fun textures to read, as you realize (for example on page one): “That’s not my monster! It’s nose is too bobbly!” Other monsters that aren’t yours have appendages that are too hairy, too rough, too fuzzy, etc. Eventually, on the last page, we discover YOUR monster: Its ears are so furry.

So, a couple days ago, during our flight to Houston, Anya was having a merry old time with different toys, books, and other playing with Mommy and me. She started rubbing my arm, and announced: “Fluffy!”

It was funny.

Anya quickly verified that Mommy’s arms were not fluffy, but that Daddy’s definitely were. She later decided that Daddy’s chest was, too.

Things Anya has said today!

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“Hi Mommy! Hi Daddy!”

“Daddy want some?”

“Mommy’s shoes!”

These were all of her own creation, not repeated!!!

17 months old!

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As of Wednesday, Anya is 17 months old and fabulous! My best estimate is that she’s about 22 lbs and 31 inches, give or take a bit. She’s still wearing 12 months size bottoms but mostly 18 months tops. I guess she’s more torso than legs, and she’s still got a big baby belly.

Potty training has been going very well! We’ve got a pretty good routine going – we take her to the bathroom when she wakes up and then after each meal. Up until Wednesday, I hadn’t had to change a dirty diaper in almost 3 weeks (serves me right for falling asleep in the playroom). To be fair, both Lex and my mother got stuck with a few here and there, and at day care they won’t work with her on potty training until she moves to the next classroom, so they’ve needed to change some, too. Also, wet diapers are another story – Anya must pee about a million times a day – but she is so proud of her potty skills! She loves to shout “Woohoo!” and have me and Lex do the same, and she is very pleased about calling herself a “Big girl!” Plus, the added bonus of her going on the toilet instead of in her diaper is that it has essentially eliminated the diaper rash she’s been struggling to fight off since birth.

Anya’s language development has definitely outpaced my ability to describe it well, but I’ll try. While she’s not speaking in legitimate sentences, she’s regularly stringing together related words. It’s like she expresses each thought in a single word or short phrase, or she’s trying to say a complete idea but can’t do it fluently. We’ll hear things like “More…blueberries…please” or “Walking? Outside? Boots! Hat!” She loves to sing and be read to, and it’s so fun to watch her “read” to herself. She’s got a lot of books partially memorized and can even tell us about them when she doesn’t have them in front of her. A, B, C, D, E, O, T, and Y – those are the letters she can identify pretty consistently. Anya still refers to herself in the third person, but she’s starting to use possessives! She’ll do something like pick up a dog toy and tell me, “Charlie’s!” Another example – even though she has the same exact food on her plate, she’ll point to Lex’s plate and insist “Daddy’s!” Why does his food taste better? You got me!

Aside from one attempt to get up on the fireplace, Anya still doesn’t climb very much and has a bit of a waddle to her walk, at least in my opinion (EDITOR’S NOTE: I started this blog post yesterday, and tonight Anya shocked all of us by climbing onto the couch – TWICE!). I’m thinking about signing up for a toddler gymnastics class with her instead of Gymboree this summer to give her a soft place to experiment with her motor skills. Bathtime is a challenge area lately. We’ve tried a bunch of different things and they’ve helped somewhat, but as soon as it’s time to wash her hair the whole thing becomes a big fight. Tantrums overall are finally at a minimum this week – hooray for that!

I’ve been slacking with the camera lately, but here are a few recent videos. Anya LOVES when I turn the monitor of the camera around so she can see herself:

One of Anya’s new favorite songs is “The Hokey Pokey” – or Hokey OKEY, as she calls it:

Even though we don’t celebrate Easter, I got Anya a pair of bunny ears from the dollar bin at Target:

The new “IT” girl

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Anya’s been using a lot of “it” phrases recently. A day with Anya sounds something like this:

“Read it! Hear it? Drink it. Dropped it…get it! Cut it! See it? Open it? Close it. Zip it!”

Most of these were learned as a phrase (like “All done!”), although today she definitely came up with her own two word combination. We were enjoying the warm(er) weather this afternoon and when I took out some bubbles, she told me “Blow it!”

In a similar theme, she’s also saying some other phrases like “Another one!”, “Where is she?”, “Hold you?”, and “Carry you?” (She means hold/carry ME; she’s just repeating the latter part of the question “Do you want me to hold/carry you?”). My current favorite: “Want some?” It’s very cute, especially when she offering you a half-chewed cracker.

Hurt? Better!

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I am watching Anya take a small Fisher Price “Little People” girl, smack her against the side of a box, say “Hurt?!”, give the little girl kisses, and then announce “Better.” Over and over again.

It’s hilarious and awesome.

Talk Soup

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The three of us went out with Anya’s aunt Samantha for dinner this evening. I had a bowl of soup with my meal. Anya’s eyes got wide when she spotted the soup: “Want! Want! Want!”

The soup was too hot for Anya, and she wanted it now. I took my teaspoon, dipped it in my glass of water, and hoped for the best as I offered it to her.

Anya loved her special soup. And ate quite a bit.

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