Language is SO cool

Filed under: baby's progress,moments — by Lauren on March 5th, 2008 @ 12:47 am

As Anya’s language skills continue to develop, I become more and more amazed at her ability to express what’s going on in her mind. Two recent examples:

1. Tonight while Anya was finishing her dinner, Lex brought his laptop into the kitchen. After requesting to hear one of her new favorite songs, she said, “Hat? Hat? Hat? Ducky? mmmBack (come back)!” She was asking to video chat with Papa Ducky (Lex’s dad, for those who don’t know)! She remembered that we had talked to him on the computer the previous day and that he wears a kippah (which she calls a hat). I just find it so neat when she remembers that something happened and that she liked it, and then that she is able to formulate the words to ask for it. Luckily he was near his computer and we were able to have a very exciting conversation with Papa Ducky, Grammy, AND several hats!

2. This past Friday when I picked her up from day care, Anya was very excitedly telling me something that sounded like “Big girl! Amanda!” as we walked out to the car. I had no idea what she was talking about or who Amanda might be. Today when I picked her up from school I asked her teachers if they had been talking about anything like that last week, and it turns out they were! One of the girls who had recently moved up to the next classroom had been back in Anya’s room on Friday because of understaffing, and apparently the teachers had said something about Alexandria (not Amanda) being a big girl. What makes this particular story exciting to me is that it’s the first time I became aware that Anya has the ability to tell me about something that she has experienced but I have not. I suppose she might have been able to do that for a while, but I didn’t realize it until today.

I took several developmental psychology classes and a few linguistics courses throughout my undergraduate and graduate programs, and I always found learning about the development of language highly interesting. However, getting to observe it firsthand with Anya is just thrilling. Somehow when I wasn’t looking she became a person, and not just my baby.

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