17 months old!

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As of Wednesday, Anya is 17 months old and fabulous! My best estimate is that she’s about 22 lbs and 31 inches, give or take a bit. She’s still wearing 12 months size bottoms but mostly 18 months tops. I guess she’s more torso than legs, and she’s still got a big baby belly.

Potty training has been going very well! We’ve got a pretty good routine going – we take her to the bathroom when she wakes up and then after each meal. Up until Wednesday, I hadn’t had to change a dirty diaper in almost 3 weeks (serves me right for falling asleep in the playroom). To be fair, both Lex and my mother got stuck with a few here and there, and at day care they won’t work with her on potty training until she moves to the next classroom, so they’ve needed to change some, too. Also, wet diapers are another story – Anya must pee about a million times a day – but she is so proud of her potty skills! She loves to shout “Woohoo!” and have me and Lex do the same, and she is very pleased about calling herself a “Big girl!” Plus, the added bonus of her going on the toilet instead of in her diaper is that it has essentially eliminated the diaper rash she’s been struggling to fight off since birth.

Anya’s language development has definitely outpaced my ability to describe it well, but I’ll try. While she’s not speaking in legitimate sentences, she’s regularly stringing together related words. It’s like she expresses each thought in a single word or short phrase, or she’s trying to say a complete idea but can’t do it fluently. We’ll hear things like “More…blueberries…please” or “Walking? Outside? Boots! Hat!” She loves to sing and be read to, and it’s so fun to watch her “read” to herself. She’s got a lot of books partially memorized and can even tell us about them when she doesn’t have them in front of her. A, B, C, D, E, O, T, and Y – those are the letters she can identify pretty consistently. Anya still refers to herself in the third person, but she’s starting to use possessives! She’ll do something like pick up a dog toy and tell me, “Charlie’s!” Another example – even though she has the same exact food on her plate, she’ll point to Lex’s plate and insist “Daddy’s!” Why does his food taste better? You got me!

Aside from one attempt to get up on the fireplace, Anya still doesn’t climb very much and has a bit of a waddle to her walk, at least in my opinion (EDITOR’S NOTE: I started this blog post yesterday, and tonight Anya shocked all of us by climbing onto the couch – TWICE!). I’m thinking about signing up for a toddler gymnastics class with her instead of Gymboree this summer to give her a soft place to experiment with her motor skills. Bathtime is a challenge area lately. We’ve tried a bunch of different things and they’ve helped somewhat, but as soon as it’s time to wash her hair the whole thing becomes a big fight. Tantrums overall are finally at a minimum this week – hooray for that!

I’ve been slacking with the camera lately, but here are a few recent videos. Anya LOVES when I turn the monitor of the camera around so she can see herself:

One of Anya’s new favorite songs is “The Hokey Pokey” – or Hokey OKEY, as she calls it:

Even though we don’t celebrate Easter, I got Anya a pair of bunny ears from the dollar bin at Target:

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