That’s Not My Daddy!

Filed under: funny,moments — by Lex on March 25th, 2008 @ 8:46 am

A couple months ago, a few of Anya’s cousins were visiting us for the day. I went out to the bookstore to pick up some gifts for the kids before they arrived. While there, of course, I was unable to resist the lure of buying a few books for Ani, too.

One of those books was That’s Not My Monster, in the series of “That’s Not My…” touchy-feely books. (When we win the lottery, we will one day own all of them. Even if we no longer have small children. Lauren finds the books very compelling.)

The book has lots of fun textures to read, as you realize (for example on page one): “That’s not my monster! It’s nose is too bobbly!” Other monsters that aren’t yours have appendages that are too hairy, too rough, too fuzzy, etc. Eventually, on the last page, we discover YOUR monster: Its ears are so furry.

So, a couple days ago, during our flight to Houston, Anya was having a merry old time with different toys, books, and other playing with Mommy and me. She started rubbing my arm, and announced: “Fluffy!”

It was funny.

Anya quickly verified that Mommy’s arms were not fluffy, but that Daddy’s definitely were. She later decided that Daddy’s chest was, too.

One Response to “That’s Not My Daddy!”

  1. Marnie Says:

    Reminds me of, “Daddy’s face is scratchy. Pat the bunny!” P.S. – I am hoping to see pictures of Anya with her Houston cousins! love to all…