An explosion in Houston

Filed under: baby's progress,family,photos — by Lauren on March 29th, 2008 @ 10:30 pm

No, no, don’t worry. I’m talking about a language explosion! On our trip to Houston last week to visit Lex’s sister and her family, Anya made some major advances in her speech. All of a sudden, she started smoothly combining two or more words together (as opposed to before when her combinations were usually more fragmented). She’s even said some complete sentences, such as:

  • “Read it to me.”
  • “I see baby!”
  • “Want some Mommy’s pasta, please.” (Well, that’s not quite a sentence)

It’s sometimes a little more difficult to understand her now than when she was only saying single words, mostly because she’s either slurring words together or filling in her sentences with babble. Along with talking, Anya’s been singing a lot more, and it’s getting easier to figure out what song she’s singing. She’s also been “reading” as much as ever, but is able to recite more and more of her books aloud (when she’s not animatedly reading the story in baby babble at top volume). We keep meaning to get it on video…maybe tomorrow…

Because Anya’s cousins had school this week, we had to make the most of our limited time together and somehow no one remembered to take out a camera. We did get a few pictures of Anya at the park one morning:

Click for more photos!

Also – perhaps spending time with her four older cousins inspired Anya, but Anya’s become a little daredevil. Today at Gymboree she climbed onto this big wooden rocking horse all by herself. This morning she nearly got up on our bed using Charlie’s stairs. Yesterday we stopped her from trying to scale the bookcase in the playroom. She’s still not very strong or agile, but she’s found the motivation to climb, and that’s a huge leap for her.

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