Uh, what just happened?

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Anya just kicked me out of her room so she could go to sleep.

It was weird.

I was going through her bedtime routine as usual. I read her Goodnight Moon and halfway through she told me to put on the music instead. As she turned to lie on my shoulder she asked for a paci, and I told her she could have one when she went into the crib. She promptly sat up, told me she was all done, that I should turn the music off, and she wanted her crib. Skeptical, I asked if she was sure. Her response? “Bye-bye Mommy!” She practically jumped out of my arms into the crib and settled herself with a paci in her mouth and another in her hand. I asked if she wanted me to cover with her blanket, and she said yes. I asked if I should turn on her turtle aquarium, and she said yes. I said goodnight and left, and I haven’t heard a peep out of her since!

Has anyone seen my baby? When did she grow up?

Young love?

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Anya had a fun day with her buddy Izzy today. After our morning Gymboree class, he came over with his mom and dad later in the day. Two cute videos:

18 Months Update (a little late)

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Anya turned 18 months last Saturday – a year and a half old, can you believe it? She’s doing so well, talking more than ever and using the potty like a champ (for poop, at least). She weighed in at 23 lbs, 3 oz at her appointment. The nurse measured her at 32 1/2 inches, but I don’t think that was quite right. Anya was trying her hardest to get away from the nurse, and I saw that the nurse made her mark at least a half-inch away from Anya’s foot. Who knows how far away she marked from her head? Also, if she were actually that tall, wouldn’t she fit into 18 months pants by now?!?

She’s a funny kid – still shy and slow to warm up. I’ve been trying to catch her on video jabbering the way she does at home, since she’s much quieter when we’re out of the house. It seems like every time I turn the camera on she clams up, but here’s what I could get:

I know Lex and I can understand Anya, but I wonder if other people can. Sometimes I think toddlers speak their own dialect of English and their parents are the only other people who are fluent in it!

Is the Pope Catholic?

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Anya is getting better at answering that question: “Yes!”

Today, Anya saw the Pope on television during a televised Mass that was on while we ran our morning errands. She observed his head and declared: “Kippah!”

It’s nice to meet you!

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The technician kept your due date at December 12, 2008. Mommy has a small subchorionic hemorrhage (it’s the small black spot on the upper right side). We were told that it’s nothing to get too worried about, but we will have another ultrasound (and see you again!) in two weeks just to follow up.

Just in case you weren’t convinced…

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Since I had reached the “magic day” (18 days past ovulation), I took one more text yesterday just to be sure, especially because I’ve been having some disconcerting cramps.  Well…

Unlike the tests I had taken previously, on this one the test line showed up before the control line and it was as dark, if not darker.  This is good news; my hCG levels are clearly increasing.  Hopefully the cramps I’ve been having will turn out to be nothing more than early pregnancy cramps.

In a surprise to no one who knows me, I get so nervous about something going wrong during this stage of pregnancy (Me?  Anxious?  Naw…).  I never thought I would be looking forward to morning sickness or sore breasts, but I’m so eager for a sign of a normal pregnancy!  Aside from the cramps, I’ve noticed that my back gets sore easily, especially after standing for several minutes, and I’ve had some very slight nausea here and there.  That’s it, though.  Bring it on, baby!  I can take it!

The next Partridge family?

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The Friedmans at Home

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Not so faint anymore!

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This is test number five, taken this morning:

I think we’re convinced I’m really pregnant now 🙂

After 4 seemingly positive tests, I finally called my OB-GYN yesterday to make my first appointment. After talking to Lex (who is currently in CA) on Tuesday night, we decided that if the test still came up positive Wednesday morning, I should call. I’ve had two weird symptoms that we wanted to ask about, the first being the cramps I had last week while we were in Houston. I was convinced they were menstrual cramps and that I was just going to get my period earlier than I had expected. They lasted about 5 days and then subsided. Apparently this isn’t actually that unusual. The other symptom was really bizarre looking, to say the least. On Tuesday night I was shocked when I looked in the mirror and saw that my stomach looked like I was about 5 months pregnant. I showed Lex via video chat, and his eyes practically fell out of his head. We were pretty concerned at first – and there was no way we were going to be able to keep Baby Friedman 2 to ourselves for now if I looked like that – but I believe the technical term for the problem is bloating. It seems to have resolved itself.

Happy Birthday…

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Anya has liked the “Happy Birthday” song for quite some time. Tonight, she sang it (her way). A lot.

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