Update – 8 (almost 9) weeks pregnant

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Baby Friedman the second – I’m sorry we’ve been neglecting you on the blog! We love you and are so anxious to tell everyone about you.

So far, things are going well. We had our second ultrasound last weekend. The baby’s growing nicely (I’m actually measuring a few days ahead) and has a strong heartbeat. The subchorionic hemorrhage is still there, so I’m going to have another scan in two weeks to follow-up again.

I had my second pre-natal appointment with the OB-GYN today. He was able to pick up the heartbeat using the Doppler – not bad for 8 weeks, 5 days. He said we’ll keep my due date at December 12, regardless of variations from ultrasound to ultrasound.

The only major pregnancy symptom I’ve been having has been exhaustion with a capital E. There are some afternoons where it’s nearly impossible to keep my eyes open and I conk out in the playroom until Anya starts yelling “Wake up Mommy!” I’ve had some nausea and threw up once while I was sick with a cold last week, though I blame that equally on the congestion. I don’t have much of an appetite and even when I’m hungry, there’s nothing I’m particularly interested in eating.

Unfortunately, I started having another colitis flare-up during Passover (I officially HATE matzah). I’ve been extremely anxious about how this is going to impact the pregnancy, plus it makes me feel generally lousy. I saw my gastroenterologist today, and he had a lot of reassuring things to say. After his examination, he thinks that it’s only the lower left side of my colon that is currently irritated and he feels confident we’ll be able to get this under control without needing to turn to steroids. I also asked him about the swelling and slight pain I have on my left side. He thinks there are two problems: 1. A small hernia which he says needs no treatment at this time and 2. Possible kidney distention, either from the pregnancy or the colitis pressing on the ureter. He’s sending me for an ultrasound of the kidney to rule out any serious problem. The doctor isn’t too worried, so I’m trying not to be.

There is no question that I look pregnant, especially after I eat. I feel that my friends, family, and colleagues at work MUST suspect something, but no one has said anything yet. I’m pretty much out of clothes that don’t get stretched out by my belly. I don’t know how I’m going to be able to get through the next three weeks without breaking into my maternity clothes!

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