This should probably be more than one post

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I have a bunch of unrelated stories, photos, and videos I’ve been meaning to share but haven’t had time.  Rather than writing 6 separate posts, I’m putting them together here!

Izzy’s Little Boo-Boo

Could these two be any cuter?  Anya and Izzy have a total love affair going on.  Their squeals of joy when they see each other at Gymboree are adorable, and apparently Izzy talks about Anya just as much as she talks about him when they are apart.  Poor Izzy had a little mishap at day care and needed some stitches.  I told Anya that Izzy had gotten a boo-boo on his head, and she got very upset – so upset that she wouldn’t calm down until I said I would call his mom Shiri so she could say hello to Izzy.  The next morning when she came into our room at the bright and early hour of 6 am, I gave her a kiss on her hand for some reason (she must have gotten hurt, but I can’t remember, too tired then!).  She turns to me and says, “Izzy little boo-boo…SHIRI kiss it!”

Everyone’s Having a Baby

I was talking to my dad on the phone while Anya was in the playroom.  I mentioned something to him about October, and she starts shouting, “October 19th!” over and over again until I acknowledged that yes, that is her birthday.  She then says, “I big sister!” and I said, yes, that was true, she was going to be a big sister (she associates her birthday with being a big sister because of the questions we asked her in her announcement video).  THEN she says this:  “Alexis big sister, too.  Savannah big sister, too.  Michelle have a baby.  Lisa have a baby!”  Alexis and Savannah are two of her friends, and Lisa and Michelle are their pregnant moms.  I’ve been talking to her friends who are going to have new siblings so that when the babies are born, it will help her understand what’s going to happen at our house, but I never put it the way she said it.

Anya and Her Shadow

This wasn’t the first time Anya noticed her shadow – that was HYSTERICAL – but it’s still pretty cute.  Perhaps she’s just practicing for a Peter Pan audition.

The I’s Have It

In the last few weeks, Anya started saying “I” instead of “Anya” when she talks about herself.  It’s funny when she gives us a play-by-play of what she’s doing – “I all done in the car seat.  I out the car.  I in the garage.  I go outside!”  It’s also funny when she misuses it, like when she grabs her cup and says, “I’s milk.”  My favorite thing she’s said (after I told her that, in fact, Mommy drives the car, not Anya):  “I drive the carseat!”

Alexis and Anya

Alexis is one of Anya’s oldest friends (in every sense – she’s 7 months older, and she came to visit Anya in the hospital when she was born).  Here’s a video of the two of them playing together last week:

Apparently I’m starting a collection of videos of Anya playing “Ring Around the Rosie” with her friends 🙂

She Made Me Cry

Tonight when I was getting Anya dressed for bed, we started talking about my belly and the baby.  I’ve been telling her about how when the baby is born, she can give it hugs and kisses, help me change its diaper, give it pacis, etc. (It was funny when she put her head down to my belly and said, “Come out baby!”).   I’ve also been telling her that if the baby cries, she can tell it, “Shhh, don’t cry, baby.”  She connects “Don’t cry” to the doctor, so she starts talking to my belly, saying, “Don’t cry Dr. Donde, baby. It’s okay.”  Then she goes into a whole monologue, a lot of which I couldn’t understand, but I caught the word paci, and then Ernie and Elmo, so I’m guessing she was thinking about things her crib that make her happy.  Next she starts rubbing my belly, saying, “Shhh, don’t cry, fine baby.”  Here’s what got me, though – she then put her head on my stomach to give the baby a kiss, said, “Nice and warm,” and reached for a blanket to cover my belly with a “Here blanket, baby.”  I’ve had a lot of fears that I think many second-time parents have about how the new baby will affect the first child, but I think Anya’s going to make a good big sister.

4 Responses to “This should probably be more than one post”

  1. Grammy Says:

    On the Today Show this morning a young woman announced that she was pregnant. I’m glad your chosen method(s) of disclosure had a more personal touch.

  2. Lauren Says:

    I tried to schedule an appearance on Leno, but he wasn’t interested. Ah, well.

  3. Erica Says:

    I am amazed at Anya’s level of speech!! You have such a talker on your hands!

  4. Lauren Says:

    Thanks, Erica! Never a quiet moment at our house – though I can’t imagine with your group, it’s ever quiet either 🙂