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Some of you may know that as of now, I do not have a job for the upcoming school year. Despite a glowing annual performance report, the school informed me they could not offer me a job at this time because of decreased student enrollment (in special education). There’s still a possibility something will open up by September, if not at my school, then in the district, but starting Friday I am officially out of a job.

Because of my current situation, I had decided I wasn’t going to announce my pregnancy officially at work. I know that legally, the administration can’t choose not to rehire me because of the pregnancy, but it would certainly be easy for them to do so and blame it on something else. I’d like to believe they wouldn’t do that, but I’d also like to believe that world peace is on the horizon. I didn’t want to do anything to jeopardize my chances, should a position open this summer.

I had been planning on telling my co-teacher the last day of school. I thought she might have suspected (how could you not at this point?), but she hadn’t said anything. Well, on Monday we were talking about how pizza had become more expensive lately. That led to a conversation about how everything is getting more expensive, including airfare. I mentioned how this trip to the Bahamas we had planned in August was becoming a little problematic, since tickets were nearing $500 a piece and we wanted to get a separate ticket for Anya. Then I said we’d probably have to consider holding her on our laps instead, wouldn’t that be annoying, blah blah blah, I’ll be so pregnant I probably wouldn’t even HAVE a lap anymore by then…


I was so embarrassed!  That’s pregnancy brain for you.  She said she was pretty sure I was and she understood why I hadn’t told her.

On a somewhat-related note, a different teacher, one I don’t know very well but who is also new this year, came up to me yesterday while I was waiting for the kids to get out of gym and said, “I didn’t know you were pregnant.  Congratulations!”  Flustered, I thanked her and mentioned I wasn’t announcing it yet because of my job situation.  Her response was essentially how could anyone NOT know?

I guess I’m looking a tad pregnant these days!  15 weeks, 2 days according to the new due date.

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