16 weeks scan

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Here’s our newest munchkin:

I ended up getting an unscheduled scan yesterday afternoon.  I had been considering calling the doctor for a few days because I hadn’t felt the baby move in several days and I was 95% sure I had been feeling movement last week, but kept deciding against it since it’s still pretty early.  Then yesterday I woke up with some low cramps that wouldn’t quit and didn’t feel digestive, so that, combined with some other circumstances, prompted me to call to see if I could just come in to have the baby’s heartbeat checked.  The office staff agreed that I should come in, but said I’d have to see the doctor, not just have a nurse use the Doppler.  The doctor found a strong heartbeat after about 15 very long seconds, but didn’t like the cramps I had described so she sent me for a scan to check my cervical length.  Thankfully, all was fine, and the very nice technician let us take a bonus peek at the baby.  She couldn’t get a clear view and wouldn’t say so confidently, but she thinks the baby is a girl.  We have our Level 2 scan in four weeks, so hopefully we’ll be able to get a definitive answer then.

The downside of this story is that there is no explanation for the cramps, and though they seemed to lessen in the early evening yesterday, they were back this morning.  I’m starting to feel that although they aren’t the “urgency” cramps I usually get with a colitis flare-up, they must be related, especially given how often I’ve been in the bathroom over the last 36 hours.  Maybe this is just how colitis and pregnancy interact – I can’t be sure, since I got through being pregnant with Anya with no symptoms whatsoever.  It might be time to accept that this pregnancy is going to remain somewhat uncomfortable unless I can find a way to beat this flare-up.

5 Responses to “16 weeks scan”

  1. Saina & Braiden Says:

    So sorry to hear about the colitis problems continuing. 🙁 And 15 seconds is a loooong time to wait for a hb. Glad to see everything’s well with the baby though. You know Anya would love a baby sis!

  2. Lauren Says:

    Thank you, Saina. I’m going to see a different specialist next week for a second opinion about how to treat the colitis, since I’m getting worse and not better. One of my many fears associated with all of this is that the baby is going to be born, I’m still going to be flaring, and the medication will have the same effect on the baby that it did on Anya.

  3. Saina, Braiden & Noah Says:

    I’m glad you are seeing someone else too, next week. Keep us posted! I can’t believe how tough that is, having all that on top of the “normal” nuisances of pregnancy…

  4. Erica Says:

    How exciting!! Congrats on your “possible” girl!! The doctor used to have a hard time finding the heartbeat and it was so nerve wracking!

  5. Lauren Says:

    It wasn’t the most fun moment of my life! We have our next appointment tomorrow morning, so hopefully the doctor will be able to find the heartbeat right away. I’m 99% sure I’m feeling little kicks these days, so things are probably fine.