Passé Pacis

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When Anya moved to her crib, we scattered a bunch of pacifiers in there with her. That way, when she lost one at night, she could find another one pretty quickly just by feeling around.

Within the past couple months, I’ve become mildly obsessed with figuring out how to get Anya to retire her pacis. I’ve worn braces three separate times in my life, and I have read plenty about the negative effects pacis that overstay their welcome can have on teeth. I was fully supportive of Anya’s using pacifiers early on; anything that helped her sleep / feel calm was okay in my book. But now that she’s becoming a true big girl, I was ready to say bye-bye to pacis. It turns out, Anya was too.

First, I removed all but two pacis from her crib. One for the mouth, one to grip tightly in her hand as she fell asleep.

Then, Lauren and I (especially Lauren) talked to Anya a lot about how her big girls sleep with Only One Paci. Eventually: “How many pacis are you going to sleep with tonight?” “ONE!”

Following a few minutes of crying for “TWO PACIS!”, sleeping with one went fine.

After a week or two, we spent several days talking to Ani about how some of her best friends sleep with NO pacis. Anya could successfully tell us how many pacis those buddies slept with pretty quickly, but she was also often quick to add: “I sleep with ONE paci.”

We started telling her that soon she, too, would sleep with no pacis, like a REALLY big girl.

Yesterday was the Big Day. We talked to her (again, mostly Lauren) in the morning about how she would nap with NO pacis. Then, at naptime, Anya traded Mommy her paci for one sticker, and got the promise of TWO MORE stickers after she woke up. The stickers were propped up so that she could see them from the paciless crib.

Anya did actually cry/moan a little bit as she went to sleep for the nap, but only for a couple minutes, and seemingly NOT in relation to the pacifier situation. Rather, she was complaining that Lauren had left the room when she did (rather than read, oh, 347 more books).

She proudly claimed her two bonus stickers upon waking after a nice long nap:

Lauren went out last night. The plan was for me to show Anya a new, secret gift (pom-poms from the dollar store) that she would get in the morning after sleeping all night with no pacis. I decided not to bring up the pom-pom gift unless it seemed totally necessary. I talked very briefly to Anya about how she’d be sleeping for the night with no paci; she had no objection.

After last night’s bed time routine, I put Anya into the crib a little nervously. She immediately did the “check for pacifiers” routine… for less than a second. Then, I watched her brain click as she remembered what was going on. She settled down and went to sleep.

She really is a big girl.

And maybe now, I can keep the pom-poms instead 🙂

2 Responses to “Passé Pacis”

  1. Erica Says:

    Great job getting rid of the pacifier so quickly! How is it going now?

  2. Lauren Says:

    Thanks! We’re definitely officially done with them. I think she’s asked for pacis only twice since she stopped using one, and at least one of the times it was totally random – she was on the potty or something like that. Now I have to muster up the strength to throw them away. This is just another reminder that she’s growing up!