Anya’s first trip to the dentist

Filed under: baby's progress — by Lauren on July 28th, 2008 @ 11:09 pm

Last Friday we took Anya to the dentist to the first time.  Knowing how she feels about going to the pediatrician, we did our best to prep her for the dentist.  We talked about it for a whole week and I took a book out of the library about the dentist (and then decided that book was useless and bought her a book about Dora going to the dentist instead).  She loved hanging out in the waiting room:

Once we were called in, she started to get a little clingy and didn’t want to sit in the chair by herself.  She eventually agreed to sit in Lex’s lap and had fun admiring everything in the room (especially the TV).  I thought maybe the visit was going to go smoothly after all, and then the dentist came into the room.  To her credit, the dentist was wonderful with Anya.  I’m not quite sure how she managed to think straight, let alone get Anya’s teeth examined, cleaned, and treated with fluoride, given how loud Anya screamed.  The dentist had Lex put Anya’s head in her lap while he held her body on his.   When the dentist was done, I held Anya while she calmed down as the dentist gave some follow-up information to Lex.  The assistant came in with a new toothbrush and a Dora sticker for Anya, and suddenly the dentist’s office was a pretty awesome place to be.  THEN they let her pick out a PRIZE!  Two bracelets!  Oh boy!  If you ask Anya now, going to the dentist was great and she loved it.  She still wants us to read her the Dora book several times a day.  I guess we’ve got about 6 months to get her ready for the next visit.

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