Halfway there and then some

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I’m 21 weeks and 2 days pregnant today! More than halfway there. Baby Girl Friedman has been kicking, jumping, and rolling all over the place. At our ultrasound she was head down, but she must have turned again because most of the jabs I get are sucker punches straight to my bladder. She’s pretty active, especially at night. I love that I can feel her move, but truth be told, it can get a little annoying to feel those lighter pokes over and over again – it’s almost like being tickled from the inside.

I forgot to post this story from a few weeks ago: I had gone to Toys’R’Us one morning after dropping Anya off at daycare, hoping to find very low chairs to go with a table I had just built for her big girl room. I got there a few minutes before the store opened and was waiting outside the doors when a woman joined me. We stood there silently for a few moments, and then she turned to me and said, “You must be due any day now.” Shocked, I looked down at my belly and replied, “No, I’m actually not due until December.” She became very flustered (which I secretly enjoyed) and said, “Oh…well…uh…you’ve really popped!” I said something about how I showed early with my first pregnancy, too, and the conversation ended there.

Now, I know I carried very far forward with Anya and always looked farther along in the pregnancy than I was, and yes, it seems that I will be repeating that experience with this baby, but come on! I was 18 or 19 weeks along, and if that lady thought I looked nine months pregnant then, how big am I going to be when I’m actually nine months?!? Then again, she probably wasn’t the brightest light bulb of the bunch. I don’t think I look nine months pregnant yet, do you?

See even more belly pictures here!


Tonight as I was putting Anya to bed, she asked, “Baby can hear it?” when I turned the CD player on for her bedtime songs.  I said sure, we could let baby hear the music, too, and I moved my shirt off my belly for her.  Anya put her head down on my stomach, said, “Okay, baby.  Listen!” and then started to sing “Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star” (trying her hardest to sing along with the music, something I never noticed her do before).  It was such a sweet, tender moment, and it was hard not to get choked up.  I hope very much that she will care for her little sister as much as she does now when she is actually here.

3 Responses to “Halfway there and then some”

  1. Amnesty Says:

    Twinkle Twinkle is one of Daisy’s favorite songs too. She sings it to Elliot. That and “Rock a Baby Treetop,” lol. I love it. She is such a sweet big sister, and I’m sure Anya will be too!
    Oh, and you do NOT look “due any day!” You’re teeny!

  2. Jamie Says:

    Lauren, that lady was a nerd. You look beautiful! And Anya sharing her music with the baby was just too precious!

  3. Lauren Says:

    Amnesty – I’ve been meaning to comment on your blog about how mushy I got when I saw the pictures of Daisy and Elliot together. She IS such a sweet big sister; it warms my heart. I don’t know if teeny is the right word to describe me – I feel huge! – but yeah, I know I don’t look due any day.

    Jamie – Thanks so much! I got comments like that from people all the time when I was pregnant with Anya, too. I guess some people don’t have much tact!