Sesame Place

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We had a very busy weekend! Playdates, time at the pool, dinner with friends…but the BIG event of our weekend was our trip to Sesame Place. Earlier this summer, Lex and I decided we weren’t going to take Anya there this year, but when a friend from my online October ’06 birth club suggested a few of us meet up there, we couldn’t pass up the opportunity (Thanks, Saina!). To say that Anya had a blast is a gross understatement. It’s two days later and she’s still talking about the trip constantly (“I meet Elmo!  I eat breakfast with him!  I give a hug to Ernie!  I like Telly show!”).

We attended the Elmo and Friends breakfast in the morning (I highly recommend it; you really can’t get face to face time like that with the characters anywhere else in the park). Anya was a big fan of Elmo and Zoe, and eventually warmed up to Ernie and Big Bird. As for Bert, she only liked him from a distance. She was very excited to see him later at one of the shows we saw. Oddly, during the shows, she loved the characters, but the real people freaked her out. Stay away, Mr. Noodle! Anya loved the rides and the water attractions, and we even got her to take a (short) nap in her stroller. We took a lot of pictures; here are some of my favorites:

Anya gets a hug from Elmo:

The carousel:

Anya with Erica’s children (I’m still mad at myself for missing the chance to get a shot of all three families together):

Lex doing the hula dance at Big Bird’s show (see the video for more!):

And, of course, no post from me would be complete without a video:

Basketball with Daddy

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Anya at her “ballerina class”

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This summer, I signed up for a Mommy and Me dance class with Anya, and she just loves it. She talks about it all week!

A Rosetta Stone Moment

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I think most parents of toddlers speak their child’s “language” better than other people.  Certainly with Anya, there have been words or phrases that we understood, though anyone else would most likely have no idea what she was saying.  “Uh-duh-mo” was one of my favorites – that meant “up and down” (She now says it correctly).

For the most part, Anya’s speech is pretty intelligible these days.  She’s got a couple of creative pronunciations (“ephalent” instead of “elephant” and “mazavine” instead of “magazine” are some examples) but we can usually figure out what she’s trying to say pretty quickly.  That’s what makes it so frustrating for all of us when she’s telling us something and we just cannot understand what she means.

I had a Rosetta Stone moment this week, though!  For a long time, when Anya wanted to take something with her, she’d say, “Ernie dus!  Baby dus!  Milk dus!”  I couldn’t figure out what word she was trying to say, though her meaning ultimately became clear – I’m taking that with me, lady!  I thought maybe she was saying “does” although I didn’t get why she would say that.  At last this week she started differentiating the sounds a little bit more than she had in the past, and I FINALLY understood:  “Ernie with us!  Baby with us!  Milk with us!”  I felt like I had broken the code to some language of the past.  It’s probably silly to take that much joy in something so insignificant, but hey, that’s parenthood, right?


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There’s no doubt I’m feeling movement now, because last night Lex got to feel the baby kick!  Just before bedtime, I felt some jabs and told him to put his hand on my belly, and the little newbie gave him three strong jabs.  Thanks, baby!

Funny Anya Sunday

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Anya was playing in the playroom and then, in her trademark way, plunked herself down on her behind. Unfortunately for her, her behind, and Ernie, a little Ernie bathtoy was in her bottom’s path.

She got up and said to me: “Tushy hurts. Tushy hurts. I’s tushy hurts!”

I had to give it a kiss to make it feel better.

— ——

A bit later, Lauren was in the playroom with us. I was headed upstairs to shower and started taking off my shirt. Anya noticed and said, “Daddy’s naked!” I responded jokingly: “Yes, and Anya’s a pervert.” 

Anya then said: “I’s a pervert! I’s a pervert!”

Lauren and I started laughing, hysterically. Anya soon joined, laughing and giggling and snorting in her perfect way. That fueled our laughter, which in turn fueled hers. In fact, Anya began laughing so forcefully that she propelled herself down, onto her tushy. 

Fortunately, this time, both Ernie and Anya’s tushy were safe. 

And if you think I kissed bare tush as opposed to be-pajama’ed tush, then you, too, are a pervert.

Fourth of July Update

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Happy Fourth of July from us!

A rare family photo!

We’ve been having a great time taking advantage of the summer!  Playdates, dance class, story time at the library…so much to do, so little time (to blog)!  I’ll have to post a video of Anya at her “ballerina class” very soon – it’s just too cute, and she loves it. She’s still a little wobbly on her feet and doesn’t really run, jump, or climb, but she’s getting better and more adventurous. She does love to walk up and down the stairs (while holding my hand) instead of crawling, and always reminds me to hold the rail.

Anya has been busy doing all sorts of other things, too.  She definitely knows her colors, or at least the main 8 that show up in her Crayola box plus pink and white.  Her teacher at day care told me a cute story:  She had been working on the color yellow with the class, and was showing the kids a series of yellow objects, asking what color for each one to get them to repeat yellow.  The teacher decided to hold up an apple just to see what the kids would do, and all of the kids said yellow, except for Anya, who shouted, “RED!!!”  Apparently Anya’s excitement was very comical.  Anya still loves to draw and paint, and if you ask her to draw a circle or a line, she does a pretty good job.  Her favorite is still polka dots.

This week we gave Anya one of her 1st birthday presents – a toy baking set – that we had set aside originally because we thought the pieces were too small.  She has been SO cute with it, baking cupcakes for her dolls and feeding them all sort of things.  Watching her pretend is still so much fun, and she’s such a little mommy to her dolls.  It was hard not to crack up this morning when she put her bear on the floor and said, “Here baby girl, change your diaper.  That’s better.”

Anya still talks up a storm, especially at home, and if she’s not talking, she’s singing.  She knows almost all of the words to several of her favorite songs, and she can fill in the words to even more.  It always amazes me when she can supply words to a song that she’s only heard a couple of times.  She absolutely loves music, and she’s always asking us to sing songs to her (or play them on the “puter”).  What’s funny is that whether she’s talking or singing, she speaks with a very strong NJ accent.  “Twinkle, Twinkle” will sound something like this:

Twinkle twinkle little stawe, how I wunda whatchoo awe
Up above the world so hoiy, like a doymind in the skoy

I know that I have a little bit of an accent (and it’s gotten so much worse since we moved back here…grrr), but hers is like a caricature of a Jersey girl, it’s so extreme. Some of it MUST be due to imperfect pronunciation of certain sounds, but it’s still kind of cute.

We’re so happy that Anya is back to kicking us out of her room at bedtime. Two books, two songs, and then it’s “Music off. Crib…go to sleep. Away, Mommy!” She still only sleeps about 10 hours at night, but her nap now lasts about 90 minutes on an average day. It’s nice that she’s cooperative about sleeping, because Anya’s been very sensitive (or ornery, cantankerous, take your pick) about pretty much everything else of late, and she’s a total drama queen (“I’s yelling!”). The way she can turn on and off the tears on a moment’s notice can be very aggravating for us, and her frustration tolerance is very low these days. I think she’s having a little bit of an internal struggle over her desire to be a big girl and still wanting to be a baby. Sometimes she insists on doing everything herself – especially when it comes to meals – and other times she loses it if we don’t help her immediately. She’s also been doing some serious testing of limits. This has been a trying time for all of us, but still, it’s hard not to adore a kid who can exclaim “OH BOY!” with 100% sincerity.

This post is already quite long, but bear with me a little longer – we have another kid to discuss 🙂 I had two appointments this week, one with a new gastroenterologist and one with the OB-GYN. I went to the gastroenterologist to get a second opinion, and though I’m having a lot of guilt about leaving my current doctor, I plan to go to this practice full-time. This doctor felt that I needed to switch to a different medication, one that is essentially the same as the one I’d been on, the only difference being the, um, delivery method (Look, I have colitis. This is my life.). My current doctor didn’t want to put me on it because he said that he was concerned it could somehow stimulate labor. This doctor pretty much thought that was nuts. My OB-GYN wholeheartedly agreed. I’ve been on it for three days and have already shown some significant improvement.

Our prenatal appointment went well. We only saw this doctor once when I was pregnant with Anya, and though he’s a little weird, he’s very thorough. He found the heartbeat right away, and it was loud and strong. I’m 17 1/2 weeks along, I’ve only gained 7 lbs, but I’m measuring right on target. I don’t think I’m quite as big anymore as I had alluded to recently, but I had a really bad week, colitis-wise. I was very concerned about the effect the colitis has been having on this pregnancy, with all of the cramps and the weight that I had lost this past week. The doctor had a lot of suggestions for additional supplements he’d like me to take which he feels will help with the colitis, and wants me to come back in two weeks to be rechecked. He feels that overall, things are going well with the pregnancy. I’m pretty sure I’m feeling kicks now, but they only happen here and there, so it’s hard to be positive.

I hope everyone enjoyed the holiday!

I Love Anya

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In the past 10 minutes Anya has:

laughed because I said, “Hello” in a funny voice
wailed because she dropped a piece of macaroni & cheese and couldn’t reach between her tray and her bib to get it (Daddy: “What’s wrong?!” Anya: “MACARONI FALL DOWN!!!!!!!!!!”)
said “Macaroni and cheese — oh boy!”
screamed “All done with the fork! Spoon! SPOON!” 


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