8 short stories

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I am currently sitting next to an ever-growing list of Anya stories I’ve been meaning to blog about, so I thought I should get cracking.  I’ll try to keep each one brief, but that’s always a challenge for me!

1. A few weeks ago Anya mastered the French door lever handles the previous owners of our house seem to have loved so dearly, so we finally got around to putting a few child locks on certain doors and installed a baby gate at the top of the stairs. We’re working very hard on getting her big girl room set up, and sooner than later we’ll be posting about the process of moving her to the twin bed.

2. I was sitting on the twin bed reading There Was an Old Lady Who Swallowed a Fly to Anya, when she suddenly exclaimed, “Two old ladies! One in the book and one over there!” as she pointed to the Old Lady doll that was sitting on the dresser.

3. We think this was probably Anya’s longest complete sentence to date: “I go to the hospital with Mommy and Daddy to see G.G.!” We had just told her that we were going to the hospital to visit our friends who had just had a baby, and she remembered that she had gone to the hospital to visit my grandmother weeks ago!

4. Anya is starting to ask a lot of questions, the most common being “Who’s that?” when she doesn’t know someone. I had taken her to daycare and she asked it when she didn’t recognize the dad of one of her classmates. She’ll also ask it about both characters and objects she doesn’t know in a book. A cute story: She was looking at a Huggies diaper (she usually wears Luvs or Pampers Pull-Ups), and was excited about the characters on the front. “Look!” she said, “There’s Mickey Mouse and…and…and…WHO’S THAT?” She didn’t know Pluto’s name, but at least she knew how to find out what it was!

5. Apparently Anya pays attention at daycare. One morning Lex and I were talking about how Anya had been repeating the Spanish words in her Dora book around the house, and she pipes in with, “Spanish words! Siete…Seis…Ocho!” They count to ten in Spanish every day at school, but we had no idea. She’s getting better now at counting in order in Spanish and saying all of the numbers.

6. There was one morning last week when Anya woke up VERY early. After listening to her crying, “Mommy come back!” over and over and begrudgingly accepting that she wasn’t going back to sleep, I finally went in around 5:45 am or so. The first thing she said when I walked in was, “I crying! I mad at Mommy. She go away!” I don’t remember much else about that morning, since I handed her some books in the crib and promptly conked out in the rocking chair until around 6:30.  I’m glad she’s trying to use emotion words, though.

7. Anya is SO affectionate, and we love it. In the morning when Lex gets her and brings her into our room, one of the first thing she does is climbs on top of us and give us each a big wet smooch. “Good morning, Mommy!” She loves to give kisses and hugs, and she has a preference for kisses smack on the lips. Sometimes if she asks to give me a kiss and I offer her my cheek, she’ll grab my face with her hands and turn it so she can get me on the mouth. She also feels it necessary to give or get kisses on both cheeks, not just one. How European of her!

8. I was playing a silly game with Anya where I’d point to two body parts of hers and label them correctly, and then say the wrong thing for a third. She thought this was hysterical. This was the funniest part of the game:

Me: That’s my Anya’s nose.  That’s my Anya’s leg.  [Points to Anya’s cheek] That’s my Anya’s belly button!
Anya: [Cracks up]  NOOOO!  That’s Anya’s cheek.  Mommy forgot! [Lifts up her shirt]  That’s a belly button!”

5 Responses to “8 short stories”

  1. Grammy Says:

    I’m rolling with laughter, barely managing to remain seated on my chair rather than roll on the floor. Anya is such a treasure.

  2. Lauren Says:

    She’s always happy to amuse others!

  3. Amnesty Says:

    Oh, she’s so funny! What a cutie!
    Daisy does the “I crying! Daisy CRYING!” thing too. Her attitude isn’t mad though, just more incredulous that we aren’t DOING anything about it yet!

  4. Erica Says:

    Anya is just too cute and smart!! Norah is finally speaking in three word sentences and using “Norah is…” I just love reading about her development.

    The blanket is really cute, by the way!

  5. Lauren Says:

    Amnesty – Thanks! Anya tells us “I’s crying” a lot, too, and it’s always kind of funny because she’ll be making a big fuss, suddenly stop and say, “I’s crying!” and then resume. Can you say DRAMA QUEEN?!? She tells us it even more about the past than in the moment. This week she had a rough time at day care, so we heard a lot of “I crying at school. I miss Mommy! I want Mommy to come back!”

    Erica – Thank you! It’s great that Norah is using sentences and saying “is” – Anya tends to say things like “I’s” or “Daddy’s” instead of using “is” on its own. Thank you about the blanket, too. I made a tiny one for Anya to play with and she loves it.