Baby Blanket

Filed under: baby's progress — by Lauren on August 8th, 2008 @ 4:27 pm

Someone in one of my December 2008 pregnancy groups inspired me to try making a fleece blanket for the baby.  I found some instructions online and got the material.  Then last night I started the blanket.  I finished it this morning!  I’m so excited about it.  I love to crochet but don’t have the patience to finish bigger projects like blankets – baby hats and sweaters are more my style.  Here’s how it turned out:

6 Responses to “Baby Blanket”

  1. Sam Says:

    this is my first comment ever on the blog- but I like it!!!! I think it looks really cute.

  2. Grammy Says:

    I’m impressed. I could never do that. Baby will enjoy it!

  3. Amnesty Says:

    Very cute! My MIL just bought me a sewing machine. I made a satin pillow case for Daisy, to keep her hair from getting matted. I want to make a blankie for Elliot next! It’s kind of fun 🙂

  4. Lauren Says:

    Sam – I can’t believe it took you this long to comment on our blog. Some sister you are!!!! Just kidding 🙂 Thanks!

    Grammy – Thank you! I bet you could do it; it was super easy, with new sewing required.

    Amnesty – Thanks! I bet the pillow case is cute. I wish I knew how to sew! Aside from buttons and an occasional hem, I’m useless with a needle and thread, let alone a sewing machine. I’m probably going to make a blanket like this one for Anya, and I keep thinking about Daisy because when we were in the store and Anya saw the Dora fleece, she went nuts!

  5. Jamie Says:

    That is so cute Lauren, great job! I love those little fleece blankets, they are so soft. Will Anya get one too now that you are a pro?

  6. Lauren Says:

    Thanks, Jamie! I made Anya a tiny one (about 7″ by 9″) from some of the leftover material, and she loves it. She uses it with her dolls but also likes to sleep with it. I’ll probably make her a bigger one at some point, maybe as a big sister present when the baby is born.