Anya’s first haircut

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We took Anya to get her hair cut for the first time this afternoon.  She had gone to see her friend Rachel get her hair cut earlier in the week, so at least she was sort of prepared.  When we got there, Anya was pretty clingy and didn’t want to sit in any of the car chairs she had been talking about all day.  She eventually agreed to sit on my lap but was still a little scared until the woman got started.  Then Anya was fine and chatted away with us until her haircut was done.  It doesn’t look any different from before she got it cut, but it was a good first experience for her.

So crafty

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My friend Lisa had her second child, a baby boy, last week, and tomorrow is the bris.  Our mutual friend Shiri and I decided to try making a diaper cake to give as a gift.  We found a couple of different sites with directions to get the basic idea and then improvised from there.

We started with a bottle of lotion as the base and made the first tier:

Shiri holding the second layer before we tied it off:

We put dowels in to hold it together and sat a little bear on top:

The final layer:

After the cake was assembled, we got to have a lot of fun
decorating it. We used washcloths, socks, and bath mitts to make
flowers and accented the cake with ribbon and rattles:

The finished product, front and back:

Wrapped up and ready to go:

Thanks to Lex and Dave for entertaining Anya, Izzy, and Maytal so Shiri and I could have our fun without much interruption.  Here’s a cute picture of Izzy and Anya playing together while their moms were hard at work:

And speaking of crafty things, I finished crocheting a blanket for Baby Girl this week.  It’s pretty small, so I won’t be able to use it for much more than a car seat throw or a blankie, but that’s okay.  We have so many blankets from when Anya was born that this baby will never lack for warmth, plus she’ll have the fleece blanket I made for her as well.

Wasn’t it yesterday when they were small?

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My little baby girl went to sleep in her big girl bed last night.

My little baby girl, who needs rocking and shushing and pacifiers and more rocking and holding and milk and more pacifiers to go to sleep in her little crib, went to sleep in her big girl bed last night.

We didn’t sit in the rocking chair as I read her stories. Instead, she chose to lie down in her bed, just like a big girl would do. I sat at the foot of the bed and read to her as she lay there quietly listening. And when I played her songs on the CD player, we didn’t rock in the chair as she curled up into me, clinging my neck with her head nuzzled into me. She continued to lie down, and I rubbed her back. (And, okay, her tush. By her request.)

And that little baby girl of mine slept in her big girl bed all night.

She woke up once at 1:30, and I went in before she could wriggle all the way out of bed. When Sleepy Daddy’s soothing techniques didn’t work, I chose to lie down next to her until she was asleep, and then snuck out. And then that big girl of mine didn’t wake up until 6am. Not the greatest wake-up hour ever invented, but not bad for her first night in her big girl bed.

She very much earned the pompoms she was awarded this morning.

When we came downstairs, she said (as she often does these days) that she wanted to read “Sharing Day” with Daddy. I suggested we play with her Doctor Kit instead. (I’m the only parent trying to convince his kid to read LESS, since I sometimes think she reads her books too much, sacrificing pretend play time.)

“I will be the doctor! Just like at Mommy’s doctor! I will be the doctor and Daddy will be the patient! I will listen to Daddy’s HEART!”

And she did, with her toy stethoscope. But she couldn’t hear it breaking.

I’m telling you, this big girl of mine was a baby yesterday. And now she’s already too old for me to rock her to sleep.

All sorts of updates

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I fell on Tuesday.  I scraped my knee pretty badly and have a huge bruise on my right arm.  Both are the result of crashing into a parked car on our driveway when trying to stop Anya from doing the same as her ride-on car rolled faster than she could manage.  Luckily she did not get hurt other than when we bumped heads during the collision.  She was pretty upset that I had fallen, but even more disturbed that her car rolled down the driveway into the street (“Get it!  Get the car!”).  What did I learn from all of this?  It is not a good idea to take the recycling down to the curb while trying to watch a toddler on a ride-on car make her way down the somewhat steep driveway, especially not while wearing flip-flops.  Also – don’t let Anya ride her car down the driveway in the first place!

Anya is currently asleep in her big girl bed for the first time at night!  We’ve been talking it up for several days, and she’s been pretty excited.  I even asked her a few days ago if we could give her crib to Baby Sister when she was born, and Anya was a big fan of that idea.  Last night she told me she wanted to sleep in her big girl bed, and when I said that she could sleep there the following day but would sleep in her crib that night, she said, “No, Baby Sister is going to sleep in the crib, Mommy!”  I was worried that it would be hard for her to fall asleep in the bed since naps are still pretty difficult – she doesn’t want me to leave the room, screams if I do, and she takes a LONG time to fall asleep, usually with my help – but she went to bed without any objections or problems.  Apparently it’s just naps in general that she objects to, not their location.  We’ve gotten through the first potential hurdle of this transition (falling asleep in the bed); let’s hope we get through staying asleep all night and waking up without problems as well.  Anya’s new room is almost finished; I’ll post pictures soon.  I transferred all of her clothes and many of her things to her big girl room this week, so if sleeping there at night goes well we will soon be able to start setting up the nursery for the new baby.

I had an appointment with my OB-GYN, the one who actually delivered Anya, this morning.  Both the baby and I are doing well.  She had a strong, steady heartbeat, and I am measuring right on target.  I’ve gained about 20 lbs so far.  After the examination the doctor asked if we had discussed scheduling the c-section yet, which was a convenient way to begin the VBAC discussion.  It’s very clear to me that though they haven’t said I can’t have a VBAC, the doctors at this practice are not in favor of the idea.  I was not happy with the way the doctor (the same one who assured me when I consented to the c-section with Anya that I would not be locked into c-sections for future pregnancies) went over the risks of a VBAC with me and kept harping on all of the things that could go wrong.  I understand that he is trying to cover himself and all of that, but I was particularly annoyed that he inflated the risk of uterine rupture to 1-2% when in fact it is actually less than 1%.  Then he gave me the consent form for VBACs to take home and review.  The tone of this paper was essentially “I acknowledge that a VBAC poses less risk for ME than an elective repeat c-section, but that it will probably harm or even kill my unborn child, so I’m signing it anyway because I’m a selfish bitch.”  It was not lost on me that it took them a long time to find the consent form in the first place, and one of the receptionists didn’t even know what a VBAC was.  I left the appointment very upset with my confidence shaken.  I have been in contact with several different people about VBACs recently, and the advice I keep getting over and over again is to switch doctors and hospitals (because CentraState has a 47% c-section rate, which is among the highest in the nation).  The same OB-GYN practice has been recommended to me several times, even while I was pregnant with Anya.  I have a consultation set up for October 6th and will update more on this topic after that appointment.

One cute story – we had gotten Anya a pretend doctor’s kit at a garage sale over the summer, and we finally got around to cleaning it and giving it to her yesterday.  She’s been having A LOT of fun playing with, giving check ups to both me and Lex, as well as her dolls.  She’s very serious when she’s being Dr. Anya; everything she does is very specific and deliberate, though not necessarily logical.  For some reason every exam involves pretending to cut my hair with the toy tweezers!  Today I asked her if she wanted to go play with her doctor’s kit in the playroom to distract her from the post-nap crankies, and she said yes.  She told me I was the patient and I should sit on the couch.  She took out the little blood pressure cuff and put it on my hand, and then (this is the cute part) lifted up my shirt to listen to my belly with the stethescope.  Until then she had only listened to our hearts like Lex showed her, but I guess after coming with us to my appointment this morning, she wanted to check on Baby Sister, too!

Unexpected Photos

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For the second time, I was approached by a photographer at Kiddie Kandids (the studio at Babies’R’Us) regarding taking Anya’s picture for training purposes in exchange for a free print for us. I’m never one to turn down free professional pictures, so of course I said yes. I’m glad I did, because I would like to get portraits of Anya done around her second birthday, and the last few times we took her she was afraid of the photographer and cried.  She got some practice today, and she didn’t cry once! It took some doing to get her to smile – she needed a toy to hold – but she warmed up pretty quickly.

Sleep vs. Eat & Assorted Anya Quotes

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•Sometimes eating lunch really takes it out of a girl:

Getting Anya down for her nap has been a big struggle lately.  She procrastinates and resists as much as an almost-two-year-old can.  Though we start the nap process around 1:30, getting her to fall asleep before 3 pm is a victory, even when she is clearly exhausted, like in the video. Grrr!

• “Hi, Babies’R’Us!” – exclaimed by Anya as we drove past it on our way to dinner. Clearly I go there with her too often!

• “That’s not a magazine. That’s a book, Mommy.” – announced when I was flipping the pages of one of her books while talking on the phone. You could practically hear the implied “DUH!”

• “Mommy should make it cleaner!” – offered as a solution when I tried to explain to a tearful Anya why she couldn’t have the now dirty piece of honeydew that had fallen on the floor.

• “It’s not sleepy time, Mommy!” – said after I had jokingly suggested she needed a nap because she was yawning as I put her into the car (around 11 am). Man, if eye rolls were audible…

• “It’s a little hard for me.” – spoken to herself while trying to eat some slippery Chinese food with a fork.

• “No, Mommy should be happy!” – insisted by Anya when I told her I was getting mad because she wasn’t listening to what I was asking her to do. After she started cooperating and I told her I was happy now, she said, “Now Mommy’s not mad. She not angry anymore.”

Potty training update

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We’ve been working on getting Anya completely potty-trained for a little over 1 1/2 weeks now.  After an auspicious beginning, things took a downward turn beginning last Thursday to the point where Lex and I were ready to call it quits on Sunday and try again in a week or two.

Monday I decided to give it one last go, and even set up the potty chair in the playroom.  Anya had never used it before; she had only used a potty seat on the toilet.  I thought that maybe having it closer might help prevent accidents.  She was kind of intrigued by it at first and was happy to sit on it with a book, but not particularly interested in using it.  She finally did once but wanted me to clean it out right away and refused to use it again.  Anya prefers the toilet, apparently.

I don’t know if the potty chair inspired her or if something else just clicked, but she’s been doing fabulously the last three days.  She’s only had one accident; it was right after her drinking her post-nap milk and luckily she happened to be wearing a pull-up at the time.  She told me right away though and even managed to finish what she needed to do on the toilet.  It seems like she’s gained a considerable amount of self-control since Monday.  She even woke up dry from her nap yesterday and today, and I’ve taken her out several times in pull-up that she’s kept completely dry.  Lex said that when he got her this morning and took her to the bathroom, her diaper was wet but considerably less so than normal, and she peed A LOT as soon as he got her on the toilet (enough that in my sleepy stupor I thought he was the one using the toilet, not her!).

It appears that Anya has also become more aware of and bothered by being wet.  Yesterday she slept until 7:30 am (How awesome is that?!?) and when I went to get her, the first thing she asked for was the potty.  While we were walking to the bathroom, she told me in the poutiest voice ever, “I have a wet diaper.”  I assured her that was okay, that it was hard to hold it in while sleeping, and she said, “I need a new one.  I need a clean diaper.”  That’s a pretty huge deal for her; she has never minded being wet since birth.

The big next step to achieve is Anya initiating asking to use the toilet with enough advance notice to actually get her there in time.  If she asks to use it now, it’s often too late.  I ask her if she needs to go frequently throughout the day and insist that she at least try at certain times, so I might not be giving her enough opportunity to recognize that she needs to go.  We’re all very encouraged by her success the last few days, and we hope she continues on this path!

Welcome to the third trimester!

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I hit 28 weeks on Monday, which means I’m officially in the third trimester.  I’ve gained between 18 and 20 lbs, and I’m feeling pretty good overall, though some maternity clothes are beginning to feel uncomfortably tight, especially if they are low rise pants. Bending over is challenging because the blood rushes to my head instantly, and standing at the sink or counter is becoming comical.  I’ve recently developed the skin of a 15-year-old – thank you, pregnancy hormones!  The baby is moving all over the place again and has frequent episodes of the hiccups, which, though they annoy me, remind me that she is okay in there.

I saw my gastroenterologist on Monday.  I’ve been doing so well for the last five weeks – completely symptom-free, even a little too well – that he said I could stop the extra medication I had been on and just continue my maintenance medication.  I’m extremely excited to be back to “normal” before the baby is born, and I HOPE that I can maintain remission for the rest of the pregnancy and then postpartum.

Sesame Place Take 2

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While I was brushing my hair this morning, Anya was standing in front of me goofing around.  She turns to me, lifts up my shirt, and says (this is a direct quote), “Hi, baby sister!  I have to tell you a story.  Once upon a time, Anya, Mommy, Daddy, and Anya went to Sesame Place.  And they play with…  And they go on the rides…”  Then she got distracted.

We did go back to Sesame Place on Sunday to use the second portion of our 2 day ticket.  We skipped the character breakfast and didn’t stay quite as long this trip, but Anya still had a great time.

Sweet little face

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We had a 3D/4D scan of Baby Girl #2 done this weekend.  She was very cooperative and spent most of the time cuddling with her feet and hands.  You can see all of the pictures here and here, but these are some of my favorites:

You can see her feet on the left and her hand on her forehead:

Still cuddling with her feet, and that’s the umbilical cord draped over her ankle:

Two face shots:

Here’s a portion of the video of the scan.  In the last few seconds you can see her opening her mouth (which is a tiny bit creepy looking):

We compared the baby’s scans to Anya’s 3D scan; the resemblance is startling.  Can you tell who is who?

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