Questions, Comparisons, and Pretend Play

Filed under: baby's progress — by Lauren on September 2nd, 2008 @ 10:31 pm

We are in a full-out questions phase here. While we most often hear “Who’s that?” or “What’s that?” (now used correctly), we get a constant barrage of all sorts of other unique inquiries:

  • “What the lady’s name?”
  • “Where he’s going?”
  • “What’s Daddy doing?”
  • “Why I do that?” (my favorite)

Anya has also been observing similarities between things – and sharing them with great joy. Frequently she compares something that’s happening to something from one of her books. Some things she had said while we were on vacation:

  • After I pointed out some birds flying overhead: “Birds flying in the sky – just like the airplane!” (which we had seen moments before)
  • After Lex told her that 5 am is too early to be grumpy: “Like the troll!” (from one of her Dora books)
  • After I offered her some grapes: “I eat green grapes – like Elmo!” (again, from a book)

Pretending has reached a whole new level, and it is one of Anya’s current favorite activities. It usually involves imagining objects that aren’t there. She’ll ask me to give her pretend food, or she’ll make pretend cookies for me. She likes to put on pretend jewelry/accessories (necklaces and bracelets are at the top of her list, but she also enjoys hats, rings, and pocketbooks). A recent fad has been reading a pretend book, only if Anya reads a pretend book, Mommy has to read one, too. This morning she was carrying around a pretend baby (whom she called Diego, and then it evolved into a more elaborate game involving Diego’s baby jaguar). It’s cute to watch, and it’s nice to know I have a way to keep her entertained for a bit even when I have NOTHING available.

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