A(nother) little scare

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Since late Monday night, I had noticed a big decrease in the frequency and strength of Baby Girl’s movement. This can be completely normal during pregnancy, but I started to get a little nervous on Tuesday because I’d had a similar situation with Anya, and a non-stress test revealed that although she was okay, I was having contractions I couldn’t feel. I had about four contractions yesterday, most likely Braxton-Hicks. Still, the baby was moving, so I didn’t call the doctor. This morning when I woke up I realized I hadn’t felt her move all night, and she wasn’t responding when I poked my belly. I drank some juice and felt her move a tiny bit, but things were just way below their usual levels. Finally mid-morning I called the doctor, explained the situation, and asked if I could wait until my appointment next week while monitoring her movement. Not surprisingly, I was told no, I needed to come in today. The doctor was able to find the heartbeat, and of course she moved a little while he was examining me. He felt she was probably okay, but he wanted me to go for a biophysical profile scan to rule out a few problems that could be causing the sudden drop in movement. The scan went very well, and everything seems fine. I guess she was just taking some time off, and it’s also possible that she had shifted into a backwards position for a bit, making it hard to feel her kick. Here are the pics:

Sucking her thumb:

Profile shot:

Baby Girl looking at us:

In other pregnancy news, the baby’s heart rate was 146 bpm, I’ve gained about 18 lbs so far, and I PASSED MY THREE HOUR GLUCOSE TEST!  Woohoo!

4 Responses to “A(nother) little scare”

  1. Papa Ducky Says:

    I **knew** you’d pass the 3-hr GTT and wasn’t the least bit worried or surprised. And I’m glad to see that BG’s actually doing just fine. She takes great pix, BTW. The thumb-sucking pose is the best :-}

  2. Grammy Says:

    I’m glad and relieved that you and BG are fine.

  3. Marnie Says:

    Thank goodness, so glad you are both doing well! Hugs and kisses to you and Anya, so excited that I get to see Lex but I wish you could all be here!

  4. Lauren Says:

    Thank you all! We’re relieved that everything is going well, too.