Assorted videos and one quick story

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Anya’s Moves

Yes, that’s Lex playing the piano and singing, rather goofily:

Anya the Democrat

Anya shares her (or Lex’s) opinions about the upcoming election:

Anya’s Rock Opera

Sometimes Anya gets into a weird zone where she’ll sing a long, made up song about who knows what.  I can usually understand about 95% of what she says, but when she gets into this sort of mood I get maybe half of it.  An attempt at translation:  Here she definitely starts out talking about taking a nap, washing her hands and dirty face, but then she gets into something about a girl who must get into some sort of incident, based on the boom and kaboom part.  I think the phone rings at some point, and maybe there’s a fairy (who’s beautiful) on the line?  There was a recurring theme about a barrel in this particular song, but I didn’t get much of that part on video.  She’s one silly kid:

Anya the Health Nut

Anya can be very particular when it comes to food, although she has much improved since we first started solids nearly 17 months ago.  Carrots are one thing she’s never budged on, though.  She will ONLY eat them shredded.  I usually steam them for her as well.  The last time I was at the store I bought a bag of crinkle cut coin carrots, figuring we’d give it another shot.  Tonight during a bizarre dinner with her, I realized I hadn’t given her a vegetable yet and asked if she wanted carrots.  “NO!” was her response.  I tried telling her they were shaped like something fun, can’t remember what, and still got a big no.  Then she saw the bag and exclaimed “Cookies!”  She ate a pretty good-size handful of them, completely raw.  If she wanted to call them cookies, I wasn’t going to dissuade her.  Toddlers are fun 🙂

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  1. Grammy Says:

    Carrots, cookies, Obama, she’s a wonderful child, but sometimes confused or mislead!