Potty training update

Filed under: baby's progress,tmi — by Lauren on September 17th, 2008 @ 11:02 pm

We’ve been working on getting Anya completely potty-trained for a little over 1 1/2 weeks now.  After an auspicious beginning, things took a downward turn beginning last Thursday to the point where Lex and I were ready to call it quits on Sunday and try again in a week or two.

Monday I decided to give it one last go, and even set up the potty chair in the playroom.  Anya had never used it before; she had only used a potty seat on the toilet.  I thought that maybe having it closer might help prevent accidents.  She was kind of intrigued by it at first and was happy to sit on it with a book, but not particularly interested in using it.  She finally did once but wanted me to clean it out right away and refused to use it again.  Anya prefers the toilet, apparently.

I don’t know if the potty chair inspired her or if something else just clicked, but she’s been doing fabulously the last three days.  She’s only had one accident; it was right after her drinking her post-nap milk and luckily she happened to be wearing a pull-up at the time.  She told me right away though and even managed to finish what she needed to do on the toilet.  It seems like she’s gained a considerable amount of self-control since Monday.  She even woke up dry from her nap yesterday and today, and I’ve taken her out several times in pull-up that she’s kept completely dry.  Lex said that when he got her this morning and took her to the bathroom, her diaper was wet but considerably less so than normal, and she peed A LOT as soon as he got her on the toilet (enough that in my sleepy stupor I thought he was the one using the toilet, not her!).

It appears that Anya has also become more aware of and bothered by being wet.  Yesterday she slept until 7:30 am (How awesome is that?!?) and when I went to get her, the first thing she asked for was the potty.  While we were walking to the bathroom, she told me in the poutiest voice ever, “I have a wet diaper.”  I assured her that was okay, that it was hard to hold it in while sleeping, and she said, “I need a new one.  I need a clean diaper.”  That’s a pretty huge deal for her; she has never minded being wet since birth.

The big next step to achieve is Anya initiating asking to use the toilet with enough advance notice to actually get her there in time.  If she asks to use it now, it’s often too late.  I ask her if she needs to go frequently throughout the day and insist that she at least try at certain times, so I might not be giving her enough opportunity to recognize that she needs to go.  We’re all very encouraged by her success the last few days, and we hope she continues on this path!

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