Sleep vs. Eat & Assorted Anya Quotes

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•Sometimes eating lunch really takes it out of a girl:

Getting Anya down for her nap has been a big struggle lately.  She procrastinates and resists as much as an almost-two-year-old can.  Though we start the nap process around 1:30, getting her to fall asleep before 3 pm is a victory, even when she is clearly exhausted, like in the video. Grrr!

• “Hi, Babies’R’Us!” – exclaimed by Anya as we drove past it on our way to dinner. Clearly I go there with her too often!

• “That’s not a magazine. That’s a book, Mommy.” – announced when I was flipping the pages of one of her books while talking on the phone. You could practically hear the implied “DUH!”

• “Mommy should make it cleaner!” – offered as a solution when I tried to explain to a tearful Anya why she couldn’t have the now dirty piece of honeydew that had fallen on the floor.

• “It’s not sleepy time, Mommy!” – said after I had jokingly suggested she needed a nap because she was yawning as I put her into the car (around 11 am). Man, if eye rolls were audible…

• “It’s a little hard for me.” – spoken to herself while trying to eat some slippery Chinese food with a fork.

• “No, Mommy should be happy!” – insisted by Anya when I told her I was getting mad because she wasn’t listening to what I was asking her to do. After she started cooperating and I told her I was happy now, she said, “Now Mommy’s not mad. She not angry anymore.”

7 Responses to “Sleep vs. Eat & Assorted Anya Quotes”

  1. Sam Says:

    That is quite possibly the cutest thing ever. (the video that is.) Her not wanting to go to bed is quite annoying.(but shes still cute!)

  2. Erica Says:

    I love her vocabulary!! I’m so envious, but we do take naps a little better LOL. Only takes us an hour to go to sleep 😛 I like following Anya’s lead on how to handle my two!

  3. Lauren Says:

    Thanks, Sam! She’s going to miss you when you move away.

    Erica – Thanks! I’m definitely jealous about the napping. I usually feel like we need to follow everyone else’s lead much of the time.

  4. Amnesty Says:

    Too cute! I love “it’s a little hard for me.” Daisy would never say anything like that. She won’t admit when she can’t do something. Everything is “No! Daisy do it!” or, my favorite, “Mommy no help you! Daisy help you!” LOL. The only time she says, “I CAN’T!” is when she really means, “I don’t want to.” Although, today was the first day she started yelling, “I don’t want it!” all day long.

  5. Jennifer Says:

    Anya reminds me of Sydney, Samantha’s older sister…on several occasions the daycare center Syd attended would catch her falling asleep while eating – she was about 18 months old when she started it. Once they snapped a picture; she had her food in her hand and when they went to take it from her she fought them off, so they photographed her with it. She’s been known to sleep with food in her mouth as well – even now, its not impossible to ask her where her gum came from and “yesterday” is the answer.

    Anya is so cute. “No Potty” as the answer to while waking up – you can tell she’s sleeping 🙂 lol

    Jenn w/ Alyssa, Sydney, Keegan & Samantha (9/30/06)

  6. heidi Says:

    That is soo cute!!

  7. Lauren Says:

    Amnesty – Anya will definitely ask for help when she thinks she can’t do something, but almost never when it comes to food – it feels like we hear “I want to do it!” about a million times a meal! That’s why it was so funny to hear her say that. She wasn’t even complaining or asking for help, just talking to herself 🙂

    Jenn – Nice to hear from you! Anya used to fall asleep in her high chair a lot more often when she napped at 12:30, but since she started falling asleep closer to 2:30, it’s been a long time since she’s done it. It’s funny that Syd used to do that, too, but kind of gross about the gum!

    Heidi – Thanks!