Wasn’t it yesterday when they were small?

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My little baby girl went to sleep in her big girl bed last night.

My little baby girl, who needs rocking and shushing and pacifiers and more rocking and holding and milk and more pacifiers to go to sleep in her little crib, went to sleep in her big girl bed last night.

We didn’t sit in the rocking chair as I read her stories. Instead, she chose to lie down in her bed, just like a big girl would do. I sat at the foot of the bed and read to her as she lay there quietly listening. And when I played her songs on the CD player, we didn’t rock in the chair as she curled up into me, clinging my neck with her head nuzzled into me. She continued to lie down, and I rubbed her back. (And, okay, her tush. By her request.)

And that little baby girl of mine slept in her big girl bed all night.

She woke up once at 1:30, and I went in before she could wriggle all the way out of bed. When Sleepy Daddy’s soothing techniques didn’t work, I chose to lie down next to her until she was asleep, and then snuck out. And then that big girl of mine didn’t wake up until 6am. Not the greatest wake-up hour ever invented, but not bad for her first night in her big girl bed.

She very much earned the pompoms she was awarded this morning.

When we came downstairs, she said (as she often does these days) that she wanted to read “Sharing Day” with Daddy. I suggested we play with her Doctor Kit instead. (I’m the only parent trying to convince his kid to read LESS, since I sometimes think she reads her books too much, sacrificing pretend play time.)

“I will be the doctor! Just like at Mommy’s doctor! I will be the doctor and Daddy will be the patient! I will listen to Daddy’s HEART!”

And she did, with her toy stethoscope. But she couldn’t hear it breaking.

I’m telling you, this big girl of mine was a baby yesterday. And now she’s already too old for me to rock her to sleep.

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