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My friend Lisa had her second child, a baby boy, last week, and tomorrow is the bris.  Our mutual friend Shiri and I decided to try making a diaper cake to give as a gift.  We found a couple of different sites with directions to get the basic idea and then improvised from there.

We started with a bottle of lotion as the base and made the first tier:

Shiri holding the second layer before we tied it off:

We put dowels in to hold it together and sat a little bear on top:

The final layer:

After the cake was assembled, we got to have a lot of fun
decorating it. We used washcloths, socks, and bath mitts to make
flowers and accented the cake with ribbon and rattles:

The finished product, front and back:

Wrapped up and ready to go:

Thanks to Lex and Dave for entertaining Anya, Izzy, and Maytal so Shiri and I could have our fun without much interruption.  Here’s a cute picture of Izzy and Anya playing together while their moms were hard at work:

And speaking of crafty things, I finished crocheting a blanket for Baby Girl this week.  It’s pretty small, so I won’t be able to use it for much more than a car seat throw or a blankie, but that’s okay.  We have so many blankets from when Anya was born that this baby will never lack for warmth, plus she’ll have the fleece blanket I made for her as well.

8 Responses to “So crafty”

  1. heidi Says:

    That is a fantastic diaper cake!! Wish I was as crafty as you girls!! Great job!

  2. Erica Says:

    Love the diaper cake! You are just so crafty! I started making a blanket and instead made a scarf 🙂

  3. Lauren Says:

    Heidi – Thanks! It was pretty easy to make, I bet you could do it.

    Erica – Thanks as well! Scarves are my specialty, too; I rarely have the patience to finish a blanket or anything big like that. It took nearly two years for me to finish the one I ultimately made for Anya. I prefer baby hats and other projects with a quick turnaround time or I get bored.

  4. Jamie Says:

    That is an awesome gift Lauren!!

  5. Sam Says:

    That is so cute! I want one. except, not really.

  6. Lauren Says:

    Thanks, Jamie!

    I’ll make one for you one day Sam. Oh wait, aren’t you pregnant? Ha ha ha.

  7. Sam Says:

    Actually, now that you mention it. I always thought your blog would be an appropriate way of me telling the public.

  8. Lauren Says:

    Hey, get your own blog, lady!