My little ballerina (and some random pics)

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Anya and I had taken a Mommy and Me dance class over the summer.  She loved it so much that I enrolled her again for the year.  The teacher had pulled me aside after one of our classes and said that if I sign her up for the fall, I should put her in the 2 1/2 year old group instead of the baby class, even though she’s not yet two, because she had done so well this summer (with following directions and participating).  Today was the first day.  During the summer, the kids can wear any comfortable clothes, but during the year they are supposed to wear little dance outfits.  When I got her dressed this morning, she was SO excited about her tights and her little skirt.  She loved looking at herself in the mirror.  I just wanted to eat her up!

Some pictures I’ve been meaning to post:

Anya with her afternoon playdate pals CJ and Joey at the park

Anya meets Izzy’s new baby sister Maytal

Anya on the play structure at the pool

Anya and her buddy Rachel

What deer do in NJ when it rains

I was amused that she fell asleep like this

A(nother) little scare

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Since late Monday night, I had noticed a big decrease in the frequency and strength of Baby Girl’s movement. This can be completely normal during pregnancy, but I started to get a little nervous on Tuesday because I’d had a similar situation with Anya, and a non-stress test revealed that although she was okay, I was having contractions I couldn’t feel. I had about four contractions yesterday, most likely Braxton-Hicks. Still, the baby was moving, so I didn’t call the doctor. This morning when I woke up I realized I hadn’t felt her move all night, and she wasn’t responding when I poked my belly. I drank some juice and felt her move a tiny bit, but things were just way below their usual levels. Finally mid-morning I called the doctor, explained the situation, and asked if I could wait until my appointment next week while monitoring her movement. Not surprisingly, I was told no, I needed to come in today. The doctor was able to find the heartbeat, and of course she moved a little while he was examining me. He felt she was probably okay, but he wanted me to go for a biophysical profile scan to rule out a few problems that could be causing the sudden drop in movement. The scan went very well, and everything seems fine. I guess she was just taking some time off, and it’s also possible that she had shifted into a backwards position for a bit, making it hard to feel her kick. Here are the pics:

Sucking her thumb:

Profile shot:

Baby Girl looking at us:

In other pregnancy news, the baby’s heart rate was 146 bpm, I’ve gained about 18 lbs so far, and I PASSED MY THREE HOUR GLUCOSE TEST!  Woohoo!

Assorted videos and one quick story

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Anya’s Moves

Yes, that’s Lex playing the piano and singing, rather goofily:

Anya the Democrat

Anya shares her (or Lex’s) opinions about the upcoming election:

Anya’s Rock Opera

Sometimes Anya gets into a weird zone where she’ll sing a long, made up song about who knows what.  I can usually understand about 95% of what she says, but when she gets into this sort of mood I get maybe half of it.  An attempt at translation:  Here she definitely starts out talking about taking a nap, washing her hands and dirty face, but then she gets into something about a girl who must get into some sort of incident, based on the boom and kaboom part.  I think the phone rings at some point, and maybe there’s a fairy (who’s beautiful) on the line?  There was a recurring theme about a barrel in this particular song, but I didn’t get much of that part on video.  She’s one silly kid:

Anya the Health Nut

Anya can be very particular when it comes to food, although she has much improved since we first started solids nearly 17 months ago.  Carrots are one thing she’s never budged on, though.  She will ONLY eat them shredded.  I usually steam them for her as well.  The last time I was at the store I bought a bag of crinkle cut coin carrots, figuring we’d give it another shot.  Tonight during a bizarre dinner with her, I realized I hadn’t given her a vegetable yet and asked if she wanted carrots.  “NO!” was her response.  I tried telling her they were shaped like something fun, can’t remember what, and still got a big no.  Then she saw the bag and exclaimed “Cookies!”  She ate a pretty good-size handful of them, completely raw.  If she wanted to call them cookies, I wasn’t going to dissuade her.  Toddlers are fun 🙂

Primal Scream

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Last night, I went to sleep early — by 9:30. I had a 6:40am flight to LA today, so I needed my beauty sleep.

I was awoken — along with Lauren and Charlie — by a primal scream of unadulterated terror, coming from Anya’s room (and amplified over the monitor). It was 1:58am.

It was truly scary to hear Anya that frightened. I went into her room.

I hate going into her room when she is in a very unhappy state. You know how when you’re feeling sad, and someone who cares comes to give you a hug, and that act finally sets off the waterworks? Sometimes, stepping into Anya’s room when she very upset can actually make her even MORE upset for a moment. Now that the comforter is here, she can REALLY show how upset she is.

She was upset enough last night that I’m not sure whether an increase was possible when I stepped in. But it was chilling to see her standing, tear-soaked, and screaming when I walked in.

Anya indicated at least one of her “friends” (stuffed creatures) was missing. “Put it back there!” she insisted. But a quick (sleepy) floor-check and in-crib-creature-count showed that everyone was present and accounted for.

When I proved that to Anya (it took some time), she asked me to rock her. I did, and she quickly calmed down. But as “Baby Mine” reached its conclusion, she said softly, “I want to go Daddy’s bed. I want to go to Mommy and Daddy’s bed with Daddy.”

(In my sleepy stupor, I checked with Lauren over the monitor about whether this was a good idea. I was worried — and told Anya — that my early rise, less than two hours from then, could wake her if she joined us in our room. Anya wasn’t swayed, and Lauren correctly declared that I should heed Anya’s request.)

Anya came into our room and fell asleep with us fairly quickly. I thought to myself, “Boy, I hope I can calm down from that heart-pounding experience and get some more sleep before my 4am wake-up call. It would suck if I stayed awake now and didn’t catch a few extra Z’s. I hope this train of thought stops pretty quick, because man, that would really stink if…”

At 3:30am, I gave up and got out of bed.

I miss my girls!

More about becoming a big girl

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Today was day four of napping in the big girl bed.  To recap, the first day was great, the second was a disaster, the third was pretty good, and now the fourth was even better.  Instead of needing to rock Anya to sleep in the glider and then transfer her, I was able to get her to fall sleep in the bed while rubbing her back, and she slept for an hour.  Not bad.  She can climb into the bed on her own with her Dora stool for sure now, which is another good thing.  If things continue to go well, we’ll probably attempt having her sleep in her bed at night in another week or two.  I just hope that in that time Anya starts feeling secure enough to return to going to sleep for naps without someone in the room.

In other news, we took advantage of being rained in today and started full-out potty training (in case you aren’t up-to-date, Anya has been using the toilet exclusively for poop for months, but is equally content to pee in the toilet or her diaper).  This morning after breakfast, Anya wore her big girl underwear for the first time.  Of the three pairs in the pack, she chose the white ones that said “Princess” all over them.  We started with training pants, the kind that have a little extra padding, although since the smallest size I could find was 2T (HUGE on her), the padding was completely useless.  The underwear looks like shorts on her!  She discovered that, unlike her diaper, she could actually take these off all by herself and did that repeatedly for a while until we realized the tag in the back was bothering her.  After I cut it off, she kept them on while playing with her toys.  She had one accident this morning, and then stayed dry the rest of the day when awake.  She wore a diaper for naptime and woke up wet; I think it will be quite some time before she’s sleep-trained.  Of course, Lex and I asked her if she needed to go to the bathroom about every 10 minutes (she eventually got annoyed with us and would shout “NO!” when we asked).  Also, she really only went to the bathroom when we told her she had to go try, like before getting in the high chair to eat.  Still, I’m glad she was able to hold it in better than when she was wearing a diaper, and perhaps soon she will start telling us when she needs to pee instead of us insisting that she go.  She certainly LOVED getting stickers every time she went on the toilet.  For now, she will wear a diaper to sleep and probably a pull-up with her underwear over it when we go out of the house, but only underwear while at home.

One other thing – Anya has gotten much better at going down the stairs by herself in the last few days, mostly because I’m trying to remember to give her the opportunity to practice instead of carrying her.  It’s a pretty slow process, which is why I had tended just to pick her up, but I will need her to be able to handle stairs on her own in a few months when the baby arrives.  She’s been able to climb up the stairs on her own for a long time, but again, it’s slow (unless she tries to sneak upstairs when we aren’t looking, then she’s a speed demon), and she is easily distracted, which isn’t very safe.  Anya would love to walk up and down the stairs, but due to some combination of the height of the banister, her short legs, and her general lack of coordination, she just can’t do it safely yet, at least not without holding someone’s hand.  Although she had been resistant to going down the stairs on her tush for a long time, she’s finally accepted that method.  She just needs to be watched carefully, because every now and then she announces she’s going to walk instead and tries to stand up, ultimately throwing off her balance.  I don’t think she’d enjoy a tumble down a whole flight of stairs onto the hard tile, and I don’t think I’d enjoy the heart attack that would certainly follow.

What a big girl!

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Anya took her first nap in her big girl bed today!  It only lasted about 30 minutes, but still, this is progress.  We tried unsuccessfully yesterday for about an hour and she ended up in her crib.  Today she fell asleep on her own; I stayed in the room but sat on the floor until she was sleeping soundly.  I’m hoping that soon she’ll feel comfortable enough for me to tuck her in and then leave, like I do when she sleeps in the crib.  I’m nervous about just leaving her if she’s upset.  I don’t want her to stand up in the bed like she would in the crib.  Despite the short nap, she woke up in a good mood, begging for me to read her another book.  She was excited to get stickers when she woke up!

She wanted to sleep in her crib tonight, which was fine with me – there’s still a few things left on my to-do list before Anya’s room is completely ready for her to move in full-time.  I’m very proud of her, but this was definitely one of those bittersweet moments when your heart is torn between pride and heartache as you realize your baby is growing up so quickly.

Questions, Comparisons, and Pretend Play

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We are in a full-out questions phase here. While we most often hear “Who’s that?” or “What’s that?” (now used correctly), we get a constant barrage of all sorts of other unique inquiries:

  • “What the lady’s name?”
  • “Where he’s going?”
  • “What’s Daddy doing?”
  • “Why I do that?” (my favorite)

Anya has also been observing similarities between things – and sharing them with great joy. Frequently she compares something that’s happening to something from one of her books. Some things she had said while we were on vacation:

  • After I pointed out some birds flying overhead: “Birds flying in the sky – just like the airplane!” (which we had seen moments before)
  • After Lex told her that 5 am is too early to be grumpy: “Like the troll!” (from one of her Dora books)
  • After I offered her some grapes: “I eat green grapes – like Elmo!” (again, from a book)

Pretending has reached a whole new level, and it is one of Anya’s current favorite activities. It usually involves imagining objects that aren’t there. She’ll ask me to give her pretend food, or she’ll make pretend cookies for me. She likes to put on pretend jewelry/accessories (necklaces and bracelets are at the top of her list, but she also enjoys hats, rings, and pocketbooks). A recent fad has been reading a pretend book, only if Anya reads a pretend book, Mommy has to read one, too. This morning she was carrying around a pretend baby (whom she called Diego, and then it evolved into a more elaborate game involving Diego’s baby jaguar). It’s cute to watch, and it’s nice to know I have a way to keep her entertained for a bit even when I have NOTHING available.

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