Anya Haley is two years old!

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Today is Anya’s second birthday.  It’s hard to believe that it’s already been two years since I spent most of the day in labor and then finally welcomed our baby girl into the world at 10:22 pm.  How does time go so quickly?

Anya brings so much joy to our lives every day.  She is just a fabulous little person to be around, and though she has her cranky and ornery moments  – after all, she is two! – they are easily drowned out by all of the wonderful and amazing things she does.

We’ve been busy, busy, busy with going to the library, seeing friends, ballerina class, and of course, school (her transition class).  Most likely because of the time she spent in day care last year, Anya is one of the few kids who doesn’t cry when it’s time for the parents to leave, and she tells me each week that she can tell the other children “Don’t cry, it’s okay.  Mommy will come back soon!”  Anya is the youngest in her class, and her teacher has mentioned to me several times that Anya is very bright.

Talking is definitely Anya’s thing.  She’s got something to say about everything and unless we’re around people she doesn’t know or she’s in a large group (she’s still pretty shy), she’s rarely quiet.  Lex and I were trying to estimate the size of her vocabulary the other day and gave up in the end.  She generally speaks in long, complete sentences and uses all kinds of words you might not expect a two-year-old to say.

Anya still loves books and reading more than anything else and generally wants to take a book (or five) with her anywhere we go.  She can entertain herself for hours by sitting with her books and “reading” to herself.  If she knows the story, she’ll repeat what she remembers, but she’s also perfectly content to make up the story for herself.  Thanks to her Letter Factory video, she knows all of her letter sounds now and is starting to understand that letters can be put together to make words, though she’s not anywhere near reading yet, of course.  After books, dolls are her next favorite play thing.  She has an extremely vivid imagination and invents elaborate pretend play situations with her dolls and other toys.  It’s fun to see her acting out things she’s seen or done, or even better, things Lex or I have done.  She loves to sing and dance, and knows the words to more songs that I can count – and she’ll call you on it if you get the words wrong to her favorite songs.  I also think it’s neat that she can recognize some songs just from their melodies, even if no one is singing.

I’m glad to report that Anya has gotten more adventurous when it comes to eating over the last year.  She’s willing to try most things and eats a pretty good variety of healthy foods (though she definitely knows what dessert is now!).  As long as she can dip it into dressing, she likes salad, which I find so funny. Actually, she’s much more motivated to eat anything if it can be dipped into something else.  She’s been practicing drinking from a big girl cup (not a sippy cup) and can handle it pretty well.  Anya can be pretty messy when she eats – she gets several reminders to keep her hands out of her hair and away from her eyes during meals – and she still eats SOOOOO slowly.  I think we might be the only parents we know who are constantly encouraging their kid to take bigger bites and eat faster, but it is painful to watch her eat each pea individually at the rate of one pea a minute!

Anya loves being a big girl and has really embraced the “I want to do it myself!” attitude (I am SO tired of hearing her say that), though she does recognize when she needs help and will accept it IF she has asked for it.  She loves her big girl room and sleeps well there during the night.  Naps are still a big struggle – she usually doesn’t cry if I leave the room anymore, but she will not go to sleep without assistance.  We’ve been thinking blackout curtains may help and will probably try them soon.  Also, as of last Saturday, Anya has been wearing underwear full-time whether at home or out and about.  We put a diaper on her whenever she sleeps, although she wakes up from naps dry 99% of the time.  She’s only had one accident since we started this last weekend – not bad!

So that’s our big girl!  Anya’s about 26 lbs and just under 34 inches, I think – we’ll get a better sense at her two-year well checkup on the 27th.  Right now she’s mostly wearing 24 months shirts which are a little too big and 18 months pants which are way too big unless they have adjustable waists and I roll the bottoms up at least one time.  She’s sporting one of her two-year molars with at least two more starting to push their way out.  We have her birthday party this afternoon at Gymboree, and then we’ll go back to Grandma and Grandpa’s house for pizza and a little more cake afterwards.  More birthday posts to come soon, including party pictures and what I’m sure will be an extremely moving collection of thoughts from Lex.

2 Responses to “Anya Haley is two years old!”

  1. Grammy Says:

    Happy Birthday to a precious girl.

  2. Lex Says:

    “… including party pictures and what I’m sure will be an extremely moving collection of thoughts from Lex.”

    Sheesh. No pressure!