Croup stinks; Oxiclean rules!

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Last week Lex went to California for what should be the last time until Baby Girl is a few months old.  He left Tuesday morning; by Tuesday night Anya was running a fever – how does she manage so often to time getting sick with his being away?  Even on Motrin her fever wasn’t going away, just dropping from 102 degrees to 100 degrees, though as long as the medicine was working she was in a pretty good mood (watch out for her when it wore off, though!).  On Wednesday night the barking cough started (bad enough that she threw up in bed – THANK YOU MOM FOR COMING OVER AT 11 PM TO BRING ME A HUMIDIFIER AND MORE SHEETS AND PILLOWS). That’s when I was pretty sure it was croup (a friend of hers had come down with it over the weekend, so it wasn’t too hard to figure out).  The cough wasn’t too bad – manageable as long as she was upright – meaning that bedtime was a little difficult.  After I put her to sleep I’d have to go up every 30-45 minutes because she’d wake herself coughing and then start crying which would make the cough worse.   I would try to hold her up but she adamantly refused.  Poor baby was so tired, all she wanted to do was lie down and go back to sleep, and luckily if I rubbed her back for a minute or so she calmed down enough to conk out again.  When I went to sleep I moved her to my bed, and that way I was right there to help her when she woke up in the middle of the night.

Friday morning she seemed to be doing A LOT better – no more fever but still a lingering cough, as her doctor predicted when I spoke with him on Thursday.  I took her to her transition class – we both really needed out of the house after being home for 60 straight hours.  Things seemed okay until around 4:15 that afternoon, when Anya’s breathing became much more audible and chesty, and then developed a little whistle to it.  She wasn’t in distress, but I called the doctor just to check in – I did not want to end up in the ER that night if I could avoid it.  I was told I absolutely needed to bring her into the office, and they even stayed a little later just for her.  The nurse practitioner and one of the doctors examined her and both felt she needed an injection of steroids to relax her airway, and they told me if it got any worse that evening I must take her to the ER for a nebulizer treatment.  Thankfully the steroids helped, and they cleared up the persistent rash she’s had on her face as well!

Lex came home Friday night, and we spent most of the weekend homebound as Anya continued to recover.  Aside from a little residual cough and runny nose, she’s over it now and we’re slowly getting back to our regular routine.  As far as croup experiences go, this wasn’t fun but it could have been a lot worse.  The one thing that made it more difficult was that I HAD IT TOO, except without the barking cough – adults rarely get that symptom.  Today is the first day I’ve felt mostly normal again.

Since we were stuck at home I decided I wanted to do something productive, so I started re-washing Anya’s baby clothes for Baby Girl.  I was disappointed to discover that more things were stained than I had recalled, but I wasn’t going to do much about it – it’s not like SHE is going to care.  Then someone on my December 2008 Mommies board mentioned she used Oxiclean to soak some hand-me-downs she’d gotten that were stained, and everything came out practically new.  I figured I’d try it, and WOW!  I could not believe the difference it made, especially in the bibs.  There are some items that look brand new, and others that went from terribly stained to mildly discolored.  I am IN LOVE with Oxiclean.  Oxiclean, if you are listening, I want to be for you what Jared is for Subway.  I will sing your praises to anyone who will listen!

2 Responses to “Croup stinks; Oxiclean rules!”

  1. Erica Says:

    LOL about Oxiclean! It works miracles!

    I hope Anya is feeling better! Croup is just awful!

  2. Lauren Says:

    It’s pretty amazing stuff. It didn’t get everything 100% stainless, but I’m still very impressed. Now if I could only find something to get vegetable oils stains out of a few of my shirts…

    Anya’s completely over croup now, thanks. I hope we don’t have to deal with that anytime soon again.