Two years old and all is well

Filed under: baby's progress,doctor — by Lauren on October 30th, 2008 @ 4:24 pm

Anya had her two year well check on Monday.  The nurse measured her at 34 3/4 inches (75th percentile) and 25 1/2 lbs (35th percentile).  Tall and thin!!!  Her weight was probably a little lower than it should have been since she had just gotten over being sick and had no appetite last week.  I was surprised that she measured as tall as she did; Anya looks smaller than several of her friends, at least to me.  She was very cooperative when the nurse measured her so we’re trusting the number as accurate.  Now we can FINALLY turn Anya’s car seat!

Anya was actually extremely cooperative throughout her whole appointment.  I’m not sure she cried at all!  We brought her toy doctor’s kit with us, and that helped keep her distracted.  The doctor said she’s healthy and thriving.  He was impressed with her verbal and cognitive skills – he said something along the lines of “We expect a lot from Anya. We expect big things from her. I’ve been doing this a long time, and I’m pretty good at knowing this – we can expect a lot from her.”  This was after she said, “I have a pretend stethoscope and Dr. Wolfe has a real one.  We’re using stethoscopes together.”  He was equally surprised to discover that she was diaper-less.

The persistent rash that Anya has around her mouth and on her cheeks wasn’t visible at her appointment, of course (probably due to the steroid injection from last week).  After looking at the pictures I brought and hearing our description, the doctor feels it is most likely a reaction to food and moisture (DROOL) on her face. It’s not a reaction to a particular food, just another part of Anya’s sensitive skin issues.  His advice was pretty much to do nothing since it doesn’t bother her.

No more well checks until Anya is THREE!  That seems eons away.  Wouldn’t it be something if we didn’t have to go back to the pediatrician for another year (for Anya, at least)?

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