Feeling accomplished!

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I had a long list of things I wanted to accomplish this summer (I think I actually got to three of them). One of the things that I missed was updating Anya’s baby book. When September came along, I made a promise to myself that I would at least finish her first birthday page before we reached her second birthday. Tonight I can officially say that her book is now completely up-to-date! Well, to be accurate, there’s still one page about wishes for baby that I need to have filled out by some friends or family members, but I’ve done all of my part – and I beat my deadline by a week 🙂 Now I have to get a book for Baby Sister and start working on that!!!

The book isn’t quite done yet. There’s a page for Anya’s second and third birthdays, and a place for me and Lex to write letters to her for when she is all grown up. We were looking through some pictures tonight and getting all mushy about how Anya’s grown up so quickly. Sigh.

Fun with Play-Doh (for real, this time!)

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Hebrew Alphabet (formerly “Fun with Play-Doh”)

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It has been brought to my attention that I inadvertently uploaded the wrong video! Play-Doh will have to wait until I have some more free time 🙂

Our big girl getting bigger

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Well, it’s October, which means Anya’s second birthday is fast approaching.  There’s very little baby left in her now.  She’s about 95% daytime potty trained (a subject for a different post) and her first two-year molar finally cut yesterday (rather bloodily, gross!).  The exciting news is that she is officially fully moved into her big girl room.  She’s been sleeping in there for naps and through the night since last week and she’ll tell you the nursery and crib are for Baby Sister.  It’s still a bit of a challenge to get her to fall asleep for her nap, but I’m finding some strategies that are working for the time being.  All of her things have been transferred to the new room, and it looks all put together now.  Check it out:

Izzy’s grandma made this sign for Anya when she was born:

I put together the name artwork over the dresser, which came from Lex’s and my original bedroom set.  You can also see her new Dora nightlight:

The pretty flower area rug:

Her big pink bear and rocking chair moved to her new room, of course.  The rest of her stuffed animal collection from her old room is in the storage basket:

Many of the things in her new room have been there for a long time or were gifts from when she was born/her first birthday, but these toy bins are one recent purchase we made, since she doesn’t have a bookcase or shelves.  They’re pretty empty now, but we’ll bring some toys up from the playroom soon:

Her activity table and book bins:

And, of course, she has her big girl bed!  She took her blankies, her “friends” (Ernie, Elmo, a bunny, a bear, and a monkey), and her Baby Einstein turtle aquarium with her from the nursery.  The comforter and sheets were mine from college.  The bubbles over the bed are those removable wall stickers:

The nursery looks so barren now :(  I’m sure it will look a little better once we raise the crib mattress back up again and put on the crib skirt and mobile, but it seems sad and empty to me right now.  Maybe that has something to do with the bittersweetness of Anya growing up…

I can’t feel too sad, though, because every kick in the stomach reminds me of how sooner rather than later there’s going to be another beautiful girl to fill both that room and our lives!!!  Less than 10 weeks until Baby Girl is due and my first baby becomes a big sister!

The opposite of nobody

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On Monday morning, I needed to run a few errands with Anya.  As happens far too often, she wanted to take the entire contents of the playroom with her in the car.  As usual, I said she could take one book and one “friend” (doll).  She came to me with Ernie and Elmo.  I said pick one.  She contemplated each with a huge grin.  I said pick ONE.  She continued to play with both of them.  I said if she couldn’t choose I would choose for her.  She made it clear that she wanted to choose, but still did not make a choice.  After another minute or two of this kind of exchange, my patience ran out.  I scooped her up and said that was it, nobody was coming with us.  At this, Anya immediately burst into tears and cried, “No, YESbody comes with us!”  I felt bad that she was crying, but TOO FUNNY!  It kind of reminded me of the time when my brother was little and my mom asked him if he wanted to go on the escalator at some store.  He too started sobbing – “I don’t want to go on the escalator.  I want to go on the escaNOW!”

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