Too darn hot

Filed under: baby's progress — by Lauren on November 21st, 2008 @ 12:35 am

A scene from lunch today:

Lauren is eating leftover Chinese food out of the carton.  The dish is eggplant in a rather spicy sauce.  Anya notices.

Anya: I want some rice.

Lauren: This isn’t rice.  It’s eggplant.

Anya: I want some eggplant.  Please.

Lauren: I’m not sure that you will like it.  It’s very spicy.

Anya: I want a little bit.  You should share with me.

Lauren: Okay, you can have a taste.

Lauren cuts a small piece and gives it to Anya.  Anya gobbles it up, pauses, then takes a huge swig of her milk.

Anya: More!

Lauren: Did you like it?

Anya: MORE!

Lauren agrees to share a little more of her lunch with Anya, with the reminder that this is actually MOMMY’S lunch.  Anya takes a few more bites, each one followed by enormous gulps of milk.

Anya: My mouth is VERY hot.  [Big drink of milk].  MORE!

2 Responses to “Too darn hot”

  1. Amnesty Says:

    Cute! Daisy loves spicy or strong flavors too. And hey, now you know how to get her to eat more veggies!

  2. Lauren Says:

    Anya’s come a long way when it comes to eating! She also likes flavorful food, and she’s pretty good with veggies overall. She enjoys eggplant Parmesan, so I wasn’t surprised that she wanted my lunch, but I didn’t know she liked spicy foods so much. The other day I was eating pineapple dipped in Tabasco sauce, and she couldn’t get enough. She’s just like her mom!