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5 Responses to “C-A-T”

  1. Erica Says:

    That is phenomenal Lauren! We can recognize letters and numbers but not to that degree. You have a great secret at teaching Anya, you need to share it :o)

  2. Lauren Says:

    I can’t take any credit; it’s all her! She loves letters and books. We haven’t been actively trying to teach her to read, other than writing words out for her every now and then like in the video. I have no secret, other than those LeapFrog DVDs (“The Letter Factory” and “The Talking Words Factory”). I think they’re boring, but Anya loves to watch them. A lot. She gets to watch 1 half-hour show about 5 days a week, and she usually requests either “The Talking Words Factory” or an episode of Dora.

    Anya doesn’t quite get numbers yet. The other day we were playing on her alphabet and numbers mat in the playroom and she was telling me what the different letters say. She noticed the number 8 and said it was a B. When I told her it was actually an 8, she asked, “Can you tell me what the 8 says?”

  3. Staci Guthrie Hopkin Says:

    Nice job Anya- what a great video.

  4. Amnesty Says:

    Wow, that’s awesome! Rory could read all those words be sight at the same age, but was no where near being able to sound them out! He knew all the letter sounds, and he knew the words, but stringing the letters together to make words didn’t come until closer to 3! You’re going to be in trouble soon, when you can’t spell things in front of her, lol.
    And I know what you mean about it being all her…that’s how Rory was, and still is, too! People are always trying to find out how I made him so smart…I take no credit!
    Daisy doesn’t really know any letters or numbers yet. She can count and say her ABCs though 🙂

  5. Lauren Says:

    Staci – Thanks!

    Amnesty – Thanks as well! I guess when we can’t spell in front of her anymore we’ll have to resort to Pig Latin or something like that 🙂 We’ve got some time, though. Even though she sounds out the individual letters correctly, she still says most words are either Anya or cat.