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Happy Thanksgiving!  I had kind of hoped we’d be home with the baby by this point, but ah, well.  Dinner with my family beats being in the hospital.  I had an appointment yesterday morning – everything is great with the baby.  She’d head down and low, but there’s no progress to report otherwise.  The doctor, who is the head of the practice, does not want to induce even though she’s more than likely going to be big.  He feels that between the challenges that come with delivering a large baby and the risks associated with induction, especially in a VBAC, the safer option is to let things progress as naturally as possible.

Anya has said all sorts of cute things that have greatly amused me in the last few days.  One example – she was sitting in her high chair during dinner trying to sing ALL of “Mary Had a Little Lamb” (I mean the full 7 or 8 verses) but was struggling since she’s only heard it a few times.  After getting stuck on one of the verses, she turns to me and says, “I don’t know the words.  You should tell them to me, Mommy!”

She really loves to sing and often surprises me by knowing the words to songs I didn’t know she knew.  I find it very funny when she tries to sing along when she doesn’t quite know the words, too.  She has this Big Sister Dora doll that sings a few songs in English and Spanish, and since Anya doesn’t know the Spanish words she has some interesting interpretations.  It’s similarly amusing when she “scats” along with her LeapFrog table (“Zappa dooba deeba dobba three up brow”).  Generally she wants to sing songs herself, but she does like when we sing to her some of the time, and she remembers songs she’s only heard a couple of times.  On Tuesday she said to me, “Sing the skabetti (spaghetti) song, Mommy.”  I asked, “Victor Vito?” and she replied, “No, the OTHER skabetti song!”  I finally figured out she meant the “On Top of Spaghetti” song, which had come up on my iTunes playlist the day before.

Monday night Lex had two late phone conference calls, so Anya and I were on our own for dinner.  We finished early and were hanging out in the living room.  I was reading something on the computer while she was having a grand time entertaining herself, when she comes over to me and exclaims, “I have a tiger in my pocket!”  Intrigued, I asked a few questions about her invisible tiger (in her non-existent pocket), and then it evolved into this very elaborate pretend play game involving a lot of animals and a trip to the zoo.  I wish I’d caught it on camera; it was so funny to watch.

Though I didn’t get to video the zoo game, I can share Anya’s comedic stylings.  Here is the first knock knock joke she’s learned:

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